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The greatest electric pianos of 2021 – Our picks

Because electronic pianos offer a plethora of features and possibilities, they may be tough to pick, especially for beginners, therefore a guide providing vital information about these musical instruments, such as the one below, would be beneficial to any music newbie. To this, we immediately add two alternatives that are popular with the Romanian people, as evidenced by sales lists on various media platforms. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-545 White is a timeless brand that enhances any environment with its beautiful and contemporary appearance. It has conventional, easy-to-press keys that replicate the keyboard of a classical grand piano, along with a variety of sound manipulation tools (reverb, pedals), and 192-note polyphony. It is capable of recording brief songs and offers preset tracks that may be utilized as a backdrop for new creations or workouts. It includes a variety of ports, as well as amplification and built-in speakers, when the power source is connected in. The Roland F-140R White Set is another possibility.

Table of comparisons

This professional option offers the user, who is preferably initiated in the keys, a unique and illuminating experience through the use of a heavy, adaptable keyboard that replicates the sensation of pressing the keys of a grand piano. The notes issued can be distorted, recorded, or aided in a variety of ways. due to the numerous real-time editing and connectivity possibilities available.Which electric piano is the best for beginners

Due to the complexity of the model, which replicates the look of an acoustic piano and has a large weight, it is difficult to transport.

This model is aimed at buyers who are motivated to excel in the music industry, either now or in the future, and is thus among their top choices.

A novice will gain the most from acquiring such a kit, which contains the musical instrument, a cushioned stool, and professional headphones that allow for practicing without disturbing family members or neighbors, complete with effects and choices. Various sound modification techniques are used to produce complex and powerful sounds.

For prospective purchasers looking to enhance their house with a traditional-style item, this model is not a good fit, as it is a portable type.

He is aware of the specialized market he is targeting and provides the required alternatives, which is why this set is beloved by people seeking high-quality tools and accessories.

This package includes a beginner’s piano, headphones, and bench. While the instrument lacks some essential features such as generous polyphony, 192 sounds, demos, and preset accompaniment songs, it does include indispensable sound effects such as Reverb, and the keys retain the authentic sensation of a classical piano.

It does not shine in terms of connectivity choices, and it lacks the desired sound distortion options among insiders.

By balancing the set’s qualities and minor drawbacks, it is unsurprising that Romanians choose it over other goods that are significantly more expensive.

How to select a high-quality electric piano

A purchaser’s guide for electric piano

The electric piano, which has surpassed the acoustic piano in popularity in recent years, is a less expensive alternative to the acoustic piano that does not sacrifice sound quality. This keyboard emulates the movement and sound of a grand piano by utilizing simulated, synthesized, or recorded sounds that are amplified by an inbuilt speaker. It features a variety of keys that recreate the sensation of pressing the keys on a traditional device.

Their primary advantages are their light weight, the ability to attach speakers or a sound amplifier to play sounds at a louder level, making them ideal for gatherings, and the ability to playback notes unique to other instruments (organ, harp, etc.). Additionally, they will have a variety of functions and sound effects, as well as recording and learning.

However, if this is your first time purchasing an instrument of this type, how do you know which comments on the finest electric pianos will assist you in making a decision? Follow the lines below to obtain some enlightening information.

Types: The first differentiation is one based on the intended use of the device, with possibilities for personal use (at home), studio usage, and portable use.

Personal pianos can be traditional in design or portable, without the use of a wooden stand that replicates the appearance of a traditional product. It should incorporate speakers to assist listening and practice, frequently emulating the look of the acoustic item through the use of sound pedals (also called console). However, they are often less portable due to their lack of mobility, as you will not want a portable device if you simply practice at home. They can be made of plastic or wood, with a variety of effects and connecting possibilities, but they will all be powered by the socket.

Electric piano choices for the studio or stage are distinguished by a lighter weight, making them more portable and aimed at performers that travel frequently. They will have numerous voices, effects, and a variety of connection possibilities, making them far more diverse than standard home instruments. The sound engine is more efficient, which results in a greater purchase cost, but one that experts appreciate. They may be portable, without a console, including a mobile and light stand, because no acoustic instrument is required to be emulated. They may resemble a synthesizer in appearance, but lack amplification and speakers due to their connection to a higher system.

Portable digital alternatives forego the conventional appearance entirely, adopting a more compact shape and being powered by plugs, batteries, or accumulators. They may be used for a variety of purposes, including personal usage, at home, for practice or learning, at school or in the studio, and are the most versatile. They will have lower purchase costs, but the quality will degrade as a result of the simpler sound synthesis technology. The sensation of pressing the keys will be different from that of an acoustic piano, and in certain situations, the stand will resemble that of a console.

Performance level: There are distinctions between models for beginners, intermediates, and expert riders.Which electric piano is the best for beginners

If you have been exposed to the secrets of singing and view everything as a hobby, a low-cost model that includes learning tools (software, books) would be beneficial, as it eliminates the need to seek for the most costly products on the market. Of course, if you merely want to check out a keyboard instrument and assess your abilities, you may purchase a secondhand electric piano, but there is a danger (although a tiny one) of purchasing a faulty device.

Only when you have mastered the fundamentals and discovered the joy of interpretation will specifics such as the responsiveness of the keys to touch, the quality of the note, or the amount of effects and polyphonies that the instrument is capable of become significant.

Keyboards can be small, medium-sized, or large. In the case of electric pianos, for a reasonable price, it may replicate the way an acoustic article’s flaps operate.

When pushing light flaps, you will not feel their resistance, which is common with low-cost alternatives for novices.

The semi-heavy variations simulate the experience of pressing a key on an acoustic piano, producing a muffled sound resembling a hammer striking the strings.

The best, however, are the choices with a heavy keyboard, in which the keys in the lower octaves have a stronger resistance, which diminishes as the arpeggio is climbed. They employ a technique known as “graded hammering.”

What an electric piano should not lack is polyphony, which refers to the number of notes or tones that the instrument can produce simultaneously. A minimum of 32 notes is suggested, while a model with 64 sounds will profit from a musical reproduction of moderate complexity. High-performance variants are capable of playing 128 or even 264 notes simultaneously.

Additionally, pre-recorded sound blocks that imitate various instruments, sound effects (the most significant of which is Reverb), tones, or accompanying melodies are helpful.

A metronome will assist in establishing the beat; certain models allow for the keyboard to be split in half (Split feature), allowing the teacher and student to practice the same octaves more effortlessly.

Connectivity options: Because each user has unique expectations and requirements, there is no one setup that defines the ideal electronic piano.

However, USB ports and jack outputs are handy for connecting headphones or speakers, as are MIDI ports for connecting a computer or recording equipment. Certain versions may accept additional storage through a memory card or even a USB stick.

Additionally, outputs for PA systems (sound amplification through speakers, microphone, and external amplifier) and recording consoles are worth mentioning.

Along with the piano, many offers include a stand (for portable models), a stool for comfortable seating, a carrying bag or storage, and sometimes headphones, allowing you to practice at any time of day or night. without causing undue inconvenience to your neighbors or relatives.

As manufacturers continue to develop new technologies capable of reproducing the sounds of an acoustic instrument in digital format, while also adding effects and options that transform the process of music creation, there are several well-known brands that are widely praised for the quality and accessibility of commercial instruments. These include electric piano collections from Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Korg, and Clavia. They provide both inexpensive and professional solutions, aimed towards people who are truly invested in the device’s growth and quality.

In closing, we will mention that internet retailers provide hundreds of models, with the tool being delivered to your door a few days after ordering, eliminating the logistical hassles associated with purchasing in specialist stores or even the few supermarkets that sell substandard electronic pianos.

 Recommended Models for 2022

Which electric piano is the best for beginnersConsidered by pros to be one of the greatest electronic pianos with grand notes, this model has recordings of a Yamaha CFX and a Bosendorfer Imperial concert piano, with the performance receiving rave reviews from many users.

It has a keyboard with hammers in a gradual hammer manner, with the flaps in the lower register being more difficult to push than those in the higher register; sensitivity may be modified. Twenty accompanying rhythms, preset tunes, audio effects (Reverb, Chorus, Master Effect), and integrated pedals that vary the duration of the note are included in the effects and choices (Soft, Sostenuto, Damper).

With a maximum polyphony of 256 notes, this instrument enables the interpretation of complex tunes while also incorporating a recording function, metronome for maintaining rhythm, tuning, and internal memory. Two headphone outputs, MIDI In / Out / Thru, auxiliary input for tiny jack, USB recording and device connectivity, amplification, and two speakers are included. It is one of the alternatives for the studio or at home, with its diversity of functions suggesting it to people who are already familiar with the world of music, despite its hefty 61 kg weight.


Electric piano suitable for studio or home use.

Provides a variety of sound alteration effects to the user (polyphony, pre-recorded songs, audio effects).

Heavy keyboard with progressive resistance effect – the keys in the upper register are unresponsive, while the serious keys are more difficult to push.

Includes speakers and amplification, as well as a variety of connectivity options for connecting to other devices (MIDI, USB, jack).


Due of its substantial weight (61 kg), it is difficult to transport or move.


Roland F-140R Set in White

Which electric piano is the best for beginnersIf you are looking for a medium-difficulty electric piano, this model is a viable option, as it includes a height-adjustable bench and some AudioTechnica AVC-200 headphones, which reproduce the faithful sound but are only suitable for quiet repetitions, when you want to relax on the keys but the family is sleeping, or the thin walls would result in neighbors knocking on the door.

The instrument has a keyboard with pre-recorded notes that can be adjusted in five ways, a split and twin piano function for simple practice with several persons, sound pedals, and medium polyphony, 128 voices.

The drum and grand piano tones, 72 rhythms, the metronome, ambiance and brightness effects, and the ability to record songs in MIDI format are only a few of the sound effects. Internal storage is in the form of a USB flash drive, therefore you will need a stick or a card. It features a range of connection options (jack, MIDI, USB, amplifier, and speakers), as well as the appropriate cables.


A piano, bench, and audio headphones are included in this set, which is ideal for a novice or intermediate player.

Numerous sound distortion features (pedals, tones, and resonances, for example) that are important in the production process.

The flaps’ sensitivity may be adjusted to the user’s desire.

Includes pre-recorded tunes and noises to provide a variety of options for accompaniment.


The portable version features a slim stand and does not resemble a typical acoustic device.


Yamaha YDP-143 Set in Black

Which electric piano is the best for beginnersThis promotional package includes a Yamaha piano, a height-adjustable and cushioned seat for the musician’s comfort, and LD Systems HP-500 headphones.

Returning to the piano, it features a standard hammer grade keyboard with progressive action, which means that pressing the keys in the bass register produces more resistance than pressing the keys in the high register, but the sensitivity can be adjusted in four different ways to suit your preferences. It features three traditional pedals and a score support, and is consequently a less-equipped model in terms of sound effects, making it ideal for beginners and intermediates.

It has a tone generator, acoustic note control, ten tones and four reverb effects, 192 sound polyphony for playing more challenging songs, 60 pre-installed tunes, metronome, and recording capability. It is equipped with amplifiers and speakers, as well as the ability to link to other devices through a USB port and headphone outputs, not to mention the ability to record a song.


Complete beginner’s package includes a piano, bench, and audio headphones.

Multiple sensitivity settings for keys and varying key resistance based on the register being utilized (harder for low sounds and less resistant in the high register).

Includes 60 demos and accompanying piano tunes.

Medium polyphony, 192 notes – approachable from a technical standpoint when it comes to performing difficult compositions.


There is a dearth of diverse sound effects and connectivity choices.


Black Gewa DP 120G

Which electric piano is the best for beginnersHere is a low-cost, high-quality electric piano in a minimalist design with a basic, black skeleton console. It features a fully weighted keyboard, which means that you will experience resistance from all of the keys when you press them, yet the sound will be quite accurate. Three pedals are included for adjusting the length of the sound.

Although it may not appear to be highly polyphonic, with 135 voices, it handles well enough for a beginner or an intermediate. It incorporates several piano note samples and sound effects to enhance the key and resonance, which are further enhanced by dynamic settings and acoustic modeling. Thus, the user has a plethora of possibilities for replicating classical or current compositions, enabling him or her to easily write new tunes.

The musical instrument has a metronome for timing, a recorder, amplification, and a range of connection options for various components, including USB, MIDI in / out, AUX in / out, and two jack outputs for headphones or extra speakers.


Beginner’s electric piano.

The sensitive keyboard simulates the experience of pressing the keys of a grand acoustic piano.

Numerous effects for manipulating sound (Hall, Stage, Ambient, Room).

Simple connection options that are helpful in a variety of scenarios (MIDI, USB, jack).


It excludes educational applications (the flaps do not light up and the existence of the Split module is not mentioned).



Which electric piano is the best for beginnersYamaha manufactures branded musical instruments regardless of its scope, and so this piano model will demonstrate its quality at a more than reasonable price. It features a grand graded hammer keyboard that faithfully reproduces the sounds of a traditional CFX piano. It is recognized by the resonance of the strings, which occurs when a string is struck with a hammer, retaining the authenticity of the sounds.

It is differentiated by a feature for headphones (stereo optimizer) that gives the sounds perceived depth by making them appear to originate from the instrument’s body. At the connection level, the headphone output, USB to host connector, internal memory for song recording, and amplification are all notable.

The sophisticated acoustic system balances the tones by adjusting the volume and intensity. It includes three pedals with classical sound modification function, a polyphony of 192 voices (medium to high), four types of reverb, 60 demos and piano presets and recording capabilities.


A excellent deal on an electric piano.

The stereo optimization setting balances the sound in the headphones, giving it volume and amplitude.

The presence of a variety of different sound effects (Reverb settings, sound pedals, preset notes, 10 voices).

Heavy graded hammer keys – replicates the resistance provided by an acoustic piano’s keys.


It does not shine in terms of connectivity, with only a few USB ports and audio jacks available to the user.

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