what’s the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

Castanets instrument – Review and comparison in 2021

If you are passionate about Spanish dance or simply want to enrich the sound nuances of the songs performed, chestnuts can be a very comfortable option. It is not easy to decide on the most suitable model for you, so read this guide and consult the list of products, to easily choose what you need. If you already have a drawer to go with you, you can go for the firstLatin Percussion Cajon Castagnette LP433 model , which you can easily attach at the top, with velvet. The sound is strong and loud, the chestnut being made of hard plastic. Instead, if you like to dance while setting the rhythm, you can choose Dimavery Castanets Handle , a model of chestnuts with a handle.

Comparative table

You can easily hang it on the top of the drawer, being with a velcro fastening system, and it is a chestnut useful to mark certain rhythms and accents, made of hard plastic, with a penetrating and high sound, round shape, black, and with the company logo inscribed on silver.

Given that the price is per piece is slightly higher than other products presented.

Practical and convenient to use, it can be a good option to accompany you to the drawer.

It is a chestnut model with handle, which can be used by beginners, but also by professionals, for accompaniment, with a pleasant sound, made of oak wood, with very good properties over time, without changing its characteristics, with comfortable handle, with ribs for a firm grip, with orange cord that fits nicely with the natural finish.

Being with a handle, it cannot be used if you want to accompany yourself to the dance.

Good price, hardwood, beautifully processed, are exceptional, there are only a few reasons that lead us to recommend this product.

This model of chestnuts for children is suitable for those over 3 years old, you can choose with orange finish for girls and blue for boys, carefully made, with a very pleasant sound of bamboo wood, fastened with elastic to be comfortable to use , with water-based paint, natural.

The price of the product is per piece, so if you want to get a set with two pieces, the cost will be double.

A fun and entertaining way to teach your child to develop certain skills and love music from an early age.

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Choose from the list below the type of chestnut according to what you want to do, either for a passionate flamenco dance, or to accompany you or in a band.

Chestnut tool

Latin Percussion Cajon Castagnette LP433

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

If you want a chestnut at a good price, which you can attach simply and comfortably, in addition to other percussion instruments, in order to enrich your sound you can go for this model of a well-known brand.

It is round in shape, made of hard plastic, which resists well over time and can be fixed very practically to the drawer, with a velcro fastening system. The finish is in black and has the company logo inscribed on the top, in silver.

It is sold in pieces. Attached to the top of the drawer allows you to use it comfortably, hitting the chestnut whenever you need it. It is light (weighing 100 g) and has a high, penetrating sound, so you can score certain accents.



Gewa Indian pair

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

In case you are fascinated by the Spanish rhythms and you want to accompany yourself to the dance, you can go for this model of chestnut instrument, made with care in order to be able to reach an advanced level of artistic performance.

castanets is made of Indian rosewood, a valuable and expensive wood, strong and dense, with a dark, warm and rounded sound, with a unique character. As a design it is a very beautiful wood, with colored shades of brown on a beige background. The finish is natural.

There are chestnuts that stick to the finger, with a thick and firm lace, which will allow you the best possible movement and full control over the instrument. They are sold in pairs and so you can already start rehearsals for your favorite dance.


Latin Percussion Professional Castanets LP430

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

Rhythm is important to you, and you like to accompany different musical groups, then do not hesitate to choose this model of chestnut, which can be used professionally.

It has a very elegant look, with fine and curved lines, well-polished handle, without any roughness. The chestnut is made of wood, with a classic design, with a natural finish. The shape of the moving parts is round.

The color of the wood is dark brown, and on one side is inscribed the company logo in white. The moving parts are fastened with a string of the same shade of dark brown.


Latin Percussion Castanets Machine LP427

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

If you are an instrumental artist and you need instrument chestnuts to connect to your percussion, to use them as an accompaniment in some songs, you can go for this dedicated model.

It includes 2 chestnuts made of a hard, very resistant plastic, which have a loud and shrill sound. They can be easily attached to a stand that has a diameter of 3/8 “. The fastening system is very convenient and fast, with nuts in the form of a key with a large head, which can be tightened by hand.

They are black and have the company logo with the silver logo inscribed on the upper face, thus having a very pleasant look. On the lower part they have support legs, numbering two for each chestnut, which cushions the blow.



Flamenco chestnut

Dimavery Castanets Handle

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

Flamenco music is loved and appreciated in many parts of the world, and if you want to focus on this genre you can buy this model of flamenco chestnuts, which will help you complete your musical style and accompany you to concerts.

They are carefully made of quality wood, hardwood, oak, which gives them a pleasant, natural sound. Being with the handle is easier to use, and you will be able to learn to use them in a shorter time.

The finish is natural, with small circles carved on the handle for a firm grip, and the company logo inscribed on a face. The two moving parts are attached to the handle with the help of an orange cord, which fits nicely with the color of the wood. The sound produced is penetrating and very pleasant. In addition, it is a chestnut at a good price that is worth buying.



Chestnuts for children

Hape 9103491

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

This model of chestnuts for children is addressed to those who have already turned 3 years old, so that they can be used safely and so that they can learn to use them.

In order to be as attractive and pleasant as possible, they are with a colorful finish, and you can choose either orange with a multicolored exterior for girls or blue for boys. They are fastened together with elastic to be comfortable to hold by the little ones.

In order not to be dangerous, knowing that little ones tend to bring toys to their mouths, chestnuts are finished with natural water-based paints. The sound produced by the instrument is very pleasant, the chestnuts being made of bamboo wood. He will be able to learn to keep the rhythm very easy and will use them both in dance and as an accompaniment for the voice. They are sold by the piece.



Hapax HMCT-87

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

You can make a beautiful and instructive gift to your child by choosing this cheap and good chestnut, which will help him develop certain skills, such as eye coordination, hand, musical sense, rhythm, etc., in a pleasant and fun way.

It is recommended for children older than 3 years, so as not to get hit and to have the patience to use it properly, accompanying themselves when singing and dancing. It can be used by both boys and girls, being an easy tool to learn and convenient to use.

It is a chestnut with a handle, to be easier to use. The handle is small in size suitable for their hands, with a pattern with lines, made of wood as well as the instrument itself. The wood is naturally finished. The two components are fastened together with a red cord.



Castanets Buying guide

Chestnuts are part of the large family of percussion instruments and can be used in both dance and music to accentuate certain rhythms. Being more and more often used in different musical styles, you can easily find chestnuts on the market at good prices, which you can use as you wish.

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

Types of chestnuts : you have several options and you can choose:

Chestnuts to hold in the palm (traditional) : according to several opinions about the best chestnuts, for flamenco dancing this model is recommended, which has a small string passed over the thumb, for better control. The sound is produced by opening – closing them with your fingers. It is addressed to professionals who already have the right technique for their use.

The best known are the Spanish chestnuts of round shape and hollow in the middle, traditionally made of two pieces of wood, joined with a string that is passed over the thumb, producing a characteristic sound when they hit each other.

Chestnuts with handle : they are more comfortable to use, and can be used by both beginners and advanced. The handle continues with a convex side, which has two moving parts on either side, which make sounds when they hit the fixed central body.

Chestnuts that are attached to the stand or to another instrument: they are generally used by percussionists, in order to easily use this beautiful instrument. They can be with a fastening screw of different diameters that can be easily tightened on the stand, or with a velcro-type fastening system that can be hung comfortably (on the drawer for example).

Depending on the sound produced : chestnuts can be of two types:

Mancho type: which have a worse sound and are usually held in the left hand.

Female type: with louder sounds that are intended for the right hand.

Both types are used in the famenco dance, in order to be able to accompany you in the most elegant way, punctuating the steps nicely.

Depending on the level of training : you have several options, namely:

For beginners there are easy-to-use chestnut variants, made of cheaper materials, which sound good and have a good degree of accuracy. You also have a wide range of models for children, either with a handle or for palms, beautifully colored and in different shapes attractive to the little ones.

For semi-professionals: they are models at good prices, dedicated for those who want to improve.

The professional ones are used in shows, either dance or music, they are made of quality materials and have a slightly higher price.

Concert: if you want one of the best chestnuts, you can go for the concert version, which are light in weight and is made to order, to be exactly the size of the user’s hand.

Materials used : known since ancient times, chestnuts can be made of different types of materials, which reproduce certain tones.

Thus you can opt for chestnuts at good prices made of hard plastic, being generally used on stands, to play certain accents and rhythms. The most popular and with a very pleasant sound are the wooden ones, meeting a great variety: oak, rosewood, mahogany, pomegranate, etc.

In theater performances you can use paper chestnuts that are impregnated with resin, which have a very clean sound. In outdoor shows you can use black crystal, which are very hard and with a strong sound, with a high degree of precision. For small places or for recording studios, models made of pressed textile material can be used, with well-defined shades and a serious sound.

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

Shape and design : traditionally the chestnuts are rounded both the ones to be held in the hand, and the ones with a handle or for a stand, being also the most used models.

But you can also opt for square or trapezoidal chestnuts, which you can easily control in your hand. Some models may have small metal elements inside, for a loud and shrill sound.

The drawstring can have different colors, one or two woven shades, with a simple knot or tassels at the end. The handle can have different sculpted models that also help to hold it as firmly as possible.

Wooden chestnuts are usually naturally finished to preserve its beauty, but there are also colorful variants, especially for the youngest users. Also for them you can find different models of chestnuts with the most attractive shapes, animals or other beloved characters.

Frequent questions

What is the most famous Spanish dance with chestnuts?

By far the most famous Spanish dance in which chestnuts are used is flamenco, a dance full of passion and rhythm, with a beautiful body outfit and which transmits a lot of emotion.

The dancers use chestnuts and firm kicks to keep up the rhythm, which fits harmoniously with the soft movements of the bust.

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

When did the chestnuts appear?

It is very difficult to determine exactly when chestnuts appeared, these being among the first tools used by man, there is evidence that they were used 3000 years ago by the Phoenicians.

In Spain, their appearance is attested in 1439 when they are mentioned in the literature, and since the 18th century they are used in various ceremonies of a religious nature.

What musical genres do chestnuts use?

In addition to the flamenco style in which chestnuts are frequently used, you can also find them to accompany other styles, such as blues, pop, rock, but there are also classical works that claim the presence of chestnuts in symphony orchestras (OperaCarmen de Georges Bizet being among the best known).

How to make chestnuts

If you want cheap and good chestnuts for your child, you can make them yourself, being a fun and enjoyable way to spend time together. You can make them from recyclable materials and use what you already have around the house.

For a pair of chestnuts you need cardboard, 4 metal lids, a strong glue possibly aracet, scissors, decorative elements and a lot of good mood.

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

In the first phase, draw two rectangles on the cardboard, which you can round at the ends, then cut them out. Their size must be correlated with the little one’s hands, so that it is comfortable for him to hold them in his palm and operate them with his fingers. After you cut them, fold them in half.

You can decorate as you like the cardboard, coloring it or gluing the pieces of colored paper in a shape as attractive as possible and as you have imagination. When it is ready, go to the next step, namely gluing two lids on the inside, positioning them so that they hit each other when folding the cardboard.

what's the best way to play at castanets musical instrument

This way you can get the best chestnut for the little one, created with him, according to his wishes and after you teach him how to position them in the palms and how to hit them, the fun can begin.

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