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The ukulele, along with the piano, violin, and guitar, is one of the first instruments advised for young children, as it is more child-friendly. He will be able to adapt more quickly to the first rules of manipulation and interpretation, as well as the musical notes, by studying this instrument, and he will fall in love with music.

Ukuleles are four-string instruments that are smaller than a guitar and are linked with Hawaiian culture, despite their widespread use. Ukuleles are a fantastic alternative for a child since they are small, have lovely sounds, are easy to handle but also transportable, and are a fun way to get accustomed to music. They are also a good way for a child to master the technique and abilities required for a successful interpretation.

There are numerous reasons why a youngster should learn an instrument: it makes him more sociable, it teaches him skills that will benefit him in school, it has a relaxing and stress-relieving impact, it allows him to experience different cultures and styles, and so on.

From the first years of life, a child can become familiar with instruments, do small exercises to learn the rhythm, develop his hearing by listening to and recognizing certain musical pieces from the age of three, and begin formal lessons on an instrument from the age of five, with ukuleles being one of the most suitable.

I’ve listed six reasons why you should buy a ukulele for your child below.

They are inexpensive.

Unlike other tools, they are inexpensive, and you can easily get one for your youngster. Even though they are less well-known, various models with prices starting at 100 euro are available on the market, each with a unique design that will entice children to study. As a result, if the child does not have a desire to learn to play an instrument, the investment will be in vain.Ukulele courses for kids

You can also discover models made in Romania by Hora Reghin, a firm that makes ukuleles in three sizes (but not the concert size), with costs ranging from 150 to 250 euro. You can also purchase covers (if they are not included in the pricing) to make it easier to store and travel the instrument at a low cost (over 40 euro depending on the material and model).

Are they small?

In terms of size, ukuleles are ideal for youngsters because they are light and allow the child to sit comfortably. You can find a suitable ukulele model (here are some models to compare) in a variety of sizes, including soprano ukuleles, which are generally preferred by girls and beginners, concert ukuleles, which are slightly larger in size, tenor ukuleles, which are more suitable for boys, and baritone ukuleles, which are the largest.

If your child is interested in learning to play the guitar, the best place to begin is with the ukulele, which allows you to easily reach the strings and explore the entire range of the instrument. They may also be carried in a backpack and are a reliable companion on trips or hikes because to their tiny size and light weight.

I’m simple to understand.

Ukuleles are four-string instruments with simple chords that don’t require complicated palm and finger placements, making them simple to learn even for the youngest musicians. To begin, study easy, known tunes with no more than 3-4 chords and no intricate transition parts.

Although playing the ukulele with a feather is not suggested, if your child experiences pain in his fingers or even sores, you can buy him a light feather made of pressed felt or rubber to help him get used to the instrument. It’s also a good idea to take breaks to relax your hands and fingers, especially when you’re first starting out.

Because it is advised that the instrument be tuned every time before playing, you can assist the youngster at first by purchasing a tuner, or if he is older, he can use online models that are also free. The instrument is more readily out of tune at first, until it starts running.

You gain knowledge of music.

Although it is a simple instrument to learn, especially for children, learning to play the ukulele unintentionally exposes you to the fundamentals of music. As a result, the youngster will have no trouble learning musical notes, concepts of music theory, catching the beat, learning about harmony and melodic line, and pace.

Simultaneously, he develops coordination by learning to move his hands and fingers independently. It will be much easier for him to learn another instrument if he has a small foundation and a lot of practice on the ukulele.

They’re a lot of fun to play with.

Ukuleles are small and simple to master, making them a great way to learn about instruments, become a professional musician, or simply relax and unwind with friends. He can play a variety of children’s or funny songs, which he can accompany with his voice, making learning a fun game.Ukulele courses for kids

Because of the Hawaiian air that this instrument exudes, the youngster can explore other facets of this style and put on real shows about it. Furthermore, ukulele models can have a really interesting design, ranging from happy girls, butterflies, or flowers to rock style graphics (with skulls or spider webs), in a variety of colors such as blue, red, yellow, orange, and other combinations. bold, polka dots or other geometric shapes, engraved cartoon characters or unusual shapes (half a watermelon, rounded body, etc.).

They have a lovely, mellow sound.

When you arrive home from work and want to relax, but the little one is keen to practice, ukuleles have a lovely, mellow, light sound and will not be a distracting element in the house. It might be a deciding factor when selecting a tool for your child, especially if the residence contains more than two rooms.

Slowly but steadily, ukuleles are making their way and there are already a lot of fans of this beautiful, joyful, and easy-to-learn instrument that can provide you with amazing evenings with your family.

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