Top songs from the ’70s of all time

The legendary 1970s have gone down in history as one of the most nostalgic eras, greatly admired by music fans in particular. The chart-topping songs from that era are now referred to as “oldies but goldies” and are featured on playlists for all ages. Here are a few illustrations.

If the swing was trendy in the 1960s, the next decade saw a schism in musical interests, as well as fashion. Famous are the vibrant, rich colors, the vibrant, flowery, hippie patterns, flower garlands, bell-style jeans and T-shirts, which are not necessarily the most persistent examples, since they are not universally loved at the moment, but are certainly rich in terms of music. Here are a few songs that might easily be considered iconic 1970’s music.

Music from Romania

Mihai Mihaela – De-ai Fi Tu Salcie La Mala

Mihaela Mihai, a Romanian singer and actress, is best known for this 1974 song. Horia Moculescu composed the song, while Puiu Mihai Maximilian wrote the lyrics. Puiu Mihai Maximilian is the spouse of actress Stela Popescu.Top songs from the '70s of all time

Whistle Mug – Phoenix

The legendary rock band released singles in the 1970s that are still cherished by the most sentimental among us, like Mugur de Fluier, Those Who Gave Us Names, and Cantafabule.

Why Did You Leave My Life, Cornel Fugaru

Cornel Fugaru is a household figure in Romanian music, particularly during the communist era, having performed as a soloist and co-founded the band Sincron. This is maybe his most renowned piece of vintage music from 1974.

If You Are Not Near Me – Doina Badea

You may still listen to tracks from Electrecord or in the library of this legendary record label, such as Doina Badea’s 1979 release If You Are Not Near Me. With a beautiful and deep voice and a solemn tone, this vintage song entices. Doina Badea was dubbed the “Edith Piaf of Romania” due to her strong, serious voice and her ability to represent Oltenia and our country.

Ageamolu Anca – Sun, Sun.

Being a cover of another band’s song (Middle of the Road – Soley Soley), this Romanian reinterpretation captivated the public during the song’s debut in 1971.

You Are My Spring – Aurelian Andreescu

Launched in 1973, this upbeat and delightful love ballad quickly won over a youthful audience, and has remained a real icon for youth and ’70s music in our country, evoking those bygone eras.

You Can Find A Girl – Jean Paunescu

With an illustration of real friendship eclipsing ephemeral loves, this work calls into question long-forgotten facets of contemporary society. The entire narrative of three young guys and their attraction to a girl emphasizes the value of friendship.Top songs from the '70s of all time

Violets For Girls by Denise Constantinescu

It is not a song that is solely associated with this singer; there are other male versions of this song from the 1970s, such as those of Jean Moscopol or Theodor Munteanu, but its feminine voice lends it an air of tenderness.

And I Forget About You – Trio Grigoriu

This trio performing light music and jazz from their own compositions was popular in the 1970s, and one of their most popular songs was this one, which does not have a cheerful subject but produces a sense of relaxation and tranquillity.

Music from across the world

ABBA – Queen of the Dance

This is one of the most iconic songs of the ’70s, Dancing Queen being one of the first European-based hits of the era. Since 1976, it has swept the world, as a subgenre of europop and disco, and as the most successful and instantly recognizable song by the Swedes from ABBA.

Play That Funky Music, Wild Cherry

Play That Funky Music by the band Wild Cherry is one of the most emblematic songs in disco music from the ’70s and ’80s, since it represents the apex of the disco era, having been released in 1976. It dominated the world, despite the fact that it was not exactly the style for which the band was famous for producing hard rock successes.

Celebration – Kool & The Gang

Who has not heard of Celebration at some point in their lives? The fantastichit in American music from the ’70s praises everything, as the words lack context, allowing this hymn of pleasure and celebration to be utilized for any occasion.

Queen – Rhapsody in Blue

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, published in 1975, is one of the most recognized rock songs of the ’70s. It averages six minutes in length, a lengthy song for those times, and became one of the best-selling songs of all time in the British charts.

Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin

It is nearly difficult to think of 1970s music without include this rock tune from 1971. It is widely regarded as the most successful rock song of all time, using both acoustic and electronic instruments (electro acoustic guitars, among others).Top songs from the '70s of all time

The Bee Gees – Keeping ‘Alive

It is included on the soundtrack of the 1977 film Saturday Night Live, with the song being written just for this screening. It became The Bee Gees’ most popular single.

Starman – David Bowie

Released in 1972, this big hit cemented Bowie’s stardom, serving as an inspiration for a slew of subsequent musicians, including Bono, Boy George, and Robert Smith.

Blondie – Glass Heart

This artist’s trademark song, published in 1979, is a unique fusion of disco, Kraftwerk, and punk, signifying something unique for the new wave band of the decade. Blondie has become a pariah for many other New York musicians due to their use of disco into their songs.

No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley & The Wailers

The song that reintroduced and reawakened popular opinion

Bob Marley and his band frequently sang reggae live in 1975, and it has remained a real anthem of the genre, and not only, even now.

Olivia Newton John & John Travolta – You Are The One I Desire

As with earlier films, Grease’s soundtrack became a real global phenomenon, selling tens of millions of copies worldwide. It was released in the late ’70s, in 1978, and quickly became one of the best-selling singles of all time.

If none of the above satisfy you, you may still locate or create a collage of foreign light music that includes Brown Sugar (The Rolling Stones), Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac), My Sharona (The Knack), and God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols).

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