Top 8 famous music bands for their bassists

The bands become famous due to the member members, who, through style, technique and talent, give value to the music and differentiate themselves from other genre groups. The bass being an important element in many musical genres, contributed through the artist, to the band’s fame, giving a special sound and easily recognizable to the approached repertoire.

There are many bassists who have written history and thanks to the perfect technique combined with great creative power and imagination they have raised the bands in which they have worked and made them known throughout the world, as in the famous bands were accepted only the best in the field.

It is quite difficult to put them in a certain order, to form a top, but we will present you some famous bands that have exceptional bassists and are worth listening to.

the Beatles

The famous British rock band that conquered the whole world, being listened to with great pleasure and today, was founded in the 1960s. Paul McCartney, composer and bassist in the band, one of the founding members, is considered one of the best in the field. , who, after the disbandment of the band, continued his solo career brilliantly.

Although he did not want to become a bassist in the first phase, he took over the role within the group and, loving the instrument and exploiting it to the fullest, he became a true professional, being a model for many bassists.

Very present, both on the record market, with new and new quality albums, but also physically touring around the world, he has won numerous awards, and is very popular worldwide.

Top 8 famous music bands for their bassists

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Michael Balzary, of Australian descent, known as Flea, is a well-known bassist and founding member of the Red Hot Chili Pepper band. Considered one of the best bassists of all time, he made a strong impression during his time with the band, being known for his original style, which combines funk style with punk, rock.

Very technical and open to innovation, he has improved his style over time, being a model for many bassists who followed him.

Led Zeppelin

John Paul Jones musician and bassist of British origin, founding member of the famous band Led Zeppelin. Even before the band was founded, he was known as an exceptional bassist, and although he was in the shadows within the band, he contributed to its growth and worldwide fame, being the backbone.

After disbanding, in 1980 on the death of a member of the band, drummer John Bonham, Jones independently continued his work collaborating with artists of various genres.

The bassist’s technical skills gave the band another dimension, separating it from other genre bands. During the live performances, he had solos that sometimes exceeded half an hour, in which there are also classical passages performed with great virtuosity.


Originally from Canada, Geddy Lee is known as a vocalist, bassist and keyboardist in the band Rush. Through his special voice, combined with a valuable bass technique, Lee raised the standards within the group, and led to numerous awards and nominations.

With his unmistakable style, the bassist influenced many musicians in the field of rock and metal, who later became famous bassists.

Beautiful Fleck and Fecktones

Victor Wooten, of American origin, started his career very early, since he was 6 years old, belonging to a family band. He has been a bassist in the band Bela Fleck and Fecktones since its founding in 1988, approaching a funk style with jazz and r & b influences.

Owner of countless awards and well ranked in the top of the best bassists, Wooten put his knowledge at the service of teaching, organizing a bass camp – nature, to which he later added other instruments. In addition to theelectric bass guitar and double bass, the artist also occasionally plays the cello.


A shocking appearance, a special look, a serious voice, listed as one of the best bassists with an unmistakable sound, Ian Kilmister, known in the music world as Lemmy, was the soul of the Motorhead group.

Out of the desire to be successful with girls, at the age of 16 he took his first guitar, then, influenced by the famous band The Beatles, he started to learn to play alone. With a lot of attitude, talent and dedication, Lemmy was a constant figure in the band’s golden age and a symbol for generations of bassists.

Top 8 famous music bands for their bassists

The Who

John Entwistle, considered by the famous Rolling Stones magazine in a poll, as the best bassist of all time, was also a vocalist and composer of The Who. Being the only one in the band who had a musical education, he raised the quality of the music created and led the members to high standards.

He started early with music education, from the age of 7 when he learned the piano, then switched to trumpet and French horn. During high school he played in traditional jazz bands and later in rock, a decision that made him approach bass. With outstanding technical skills and open to experimentation, Entwistle will build its first guitar on its own.

With a very loud sound, the band entered the Book of Records at a concert in London in 1976. Its unique technique has influenced generations of great bassists who have followed suit.

Pink Floyd

Certainly without Roger Waters, Pink Floyd would not have reached the fame and notoriety it enjoys today, and would have been a good band like any other. Composer and bassist, Waters is the force behind the band, which created unique compositions, also organizing some of the biggest concerts in the world.

The Wall is written almost entirely by Waters, being inspired by his life, a double album that is still listened to with pleasure by millions of fans. With his personal style of playing the bass, based on a very good technique, with precision and a lot of innovation, Waters gave personality to the band and raised it to maximum levels, being the pioneer of psychedelic rock.

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