Top 7 musicians who chose the classical guitar

Fernando Sor, John Williams, Jason Vieaux, Pepe Romero – these are just some of the names that have managed to reveal the full musical potential of the classical guitar. With an impressive repertoire and numerous active awards, these musicians are among the examples that inspire and motivate the new generations of guitarists.

This guitar model is an instrument with a rich history, which stretches over the centuries, full of illustrious names that have highlighted his mastery and his place in music. Here are just a few of the well-known artists who have made a name for themselves by taking the level of interpretation to the level of art.


Fernando Sor

Under his original name Josep Ferran Sorts i Muntades or the Spanish equivalent – Jose Fernando Macarurio Sors, Fernando Sor was born in 1778 in Barcelona and died in 1839, in France, in Paris.

He is known as one of the first performers to play the guitar as a classical concert instrument. He was a guitarist, composer and teacher, writing the first book that includes methodological elements of interpretation.

In addition to guitar parts, Fernando Sor also wrote scores for opera, piano, vocals and string quartet. His contemporaries considered him one of the best guitarists in the world, and his compositions have been published in many countries and republished countless times since his death.


John Williams

Renowned and especially appreciated for his performance technique, guitarist John Williams was born in 1941 in Melbourne. His father founded the London Guitar School, and John attended summer classes at the age of 11 at Andres Segovia at the Chigiana Academy of Music in Siena, Italy. His first appearance as a classical guitarist was in 1958 at Wigmore Hall in London.

The list of approached composers includes names such as Andre Previn, Richard Harvey, Stephen Dodgson, Steve Gray. In 1973 he received the Grammy Award for Best Performance in Chamber Music, in 1983 the BRIT Award for Best Classical Recordings and in 1980 he received the distinction of Officer in the Order of the British Empire.


Top 7 musicians who chose the classical guitar

Jason Vieaux

Born in 1973 in Buffalo, New York, Jason Vieaux is one of the best classical guitarists of his generation. He sang as a soloist with over 100 orchestras, and in 1992 was the youngest participant to win first prize at the International Guitar Competition organized by the Guitar Foundation of America.

In 1995 he was named US Ambassador Artist in South Asia, and in 2015 he won the Grammy Award for Best Classical Instrumental Solo.


Pepe Romero

Pepe Romero is a famous Spanish guitarist, born in Malaga in 1944. He first appeared on stage at the age of only 7, to perform at the Lope de Vega Theater in Seville, and over 60 years later, he has portfolio of dozens of concerts. He has collaborated with most renowned conductors and has over 60 active recordings.

He performed for the first time pieces by some of the greatest composers of the century, including Ernesto Cordero, Lorenzo Palomo, Joaquin Rodrigo, Paul Chihara, Federico Moreno Torroba.

Among his passions are the rediscovery of scores from past centuries, Pepe Romero bringing back to life works by composers Fernando Sor, Francesco Molino, Mauro Giuliani, Luigi Bocherini, Ferdinando Carulli, Johann Kaspar Mertz.


Xuefei Yang

Chinese-born guitarist Xuefei Yang began studying the instrument at the age of 7, making her stage debut at just 10 years old at China's First International Guitar Festival. He would spend the next few years performing on stages in China, Macau, Hong Kong, Australia and Spain.

He graduated from the Beijing Conservatory and participated in concerts in over 50 countries, in famous venues such as the Royal Alber Hall in London, the Konzerthaus in Vienna and Lincoln Center in New York.

Xuefei Yang is one of the most frequently invited artists to play with the world's best-known orchestras, including the BBC Concert Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Orchestra, Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra, Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, Rotterdam Symphony Orchestra, Royal Scotland National Orchestra.

Classic FM, the most important classical music publication in Great Britain, included it in the top of the 100 most representative musicians of its generation.


Christopher Parkening

About Cristopher Parkening, the New York Times said he performs "so smart, sensitive and expert that you can forget everything but music." He is considered one of the most prominent artists of this instrument worldwide.

Top 7 musicians who chose the classical guitar

He sang in the company of big names such as Placido Domingo, Renee Fleming, Jubilant Sykes and Josh Groban and was invited to perform at the White House.

He has performed with the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia, Minnesota and Cleveland orchestras, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and other renowned orchestras in the United States and abroad.

Kazuhito Yamashita

With 83 active albums, Kazuhito Yamashita is one of the most prolific guitarists of our time. Born in 1961 in Nagasaki, the Japanese artist began her impressive career by winning the Kyushu Guitar Competition at the age of 11. In 1977 she went down in history as the youngest winner of the international competitions Ramirez (Spain), Alessandria (Italy) and the Paris Radio Competition.

His performances include both solo appearances and duets, participation in chamber music ensembles and orchestras, along with renowned artists such as Gary Karr, Pedro Halffter, Leonard Slatkin, Antoni Ros Marba. He is one of the guitarists passionate about creating new songs, releasing over 60 of his own compositions.

His fresh and different way of approaching famous pieces, such as Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and New World Symphony no. 9 in Dvorak's E Minor carried on everything that means virtuosity and interpretation in classical guitar music.

For beginners who are still looking for the best classical guitars , a version suitable for their talent and their own style of expression, these names are an inspiration and a model for what can be achieved in this field, beyond age. generation or historical context.



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