Top 7 hobby courses you can take online even on pandemic

Top 7 courses you can take online

You can start studying the ukulele at any age, being an easy tool to take off, which you can take with you everywhere and which will offer you moments of satisfaction when you go out with friends for a relaxing evening. However, even if you are a beginner, even if you want to improve your technique, an online course can be of real use.

Even if it is a simpler instrument, with 4 strings, you still need a little guidance at the beginning to be able to learn a correct position of the body and hands, different interpretation techniques, different songs, etc.

For this you have several methods at hand: you can choose a private teacher, you can go to a club that offers courses for both children and adults, you can buy a dedicated book or the easiest, because you do not have to you move and you can work at any time, it is to resort to online courses, easier to learn and which offer you the support you need.

There are several such courses and we offer you some relevant information in order to be able to orient yourself more easily and to make an informed choice.

Top 7 hobby courses you can take online even on pandemic

Ukulele Buddy

It is an online course that is addressed especially to beginners, to those who are just beginning to study this pleasant tool. It is divided into short 7-minute lessons and it is recommended to work at least 3 times a week. With the help of videos you will be able to learn new songs faster, you can repeat with the teacher and step by step you will advance.

It also helps you become familiar with the basic techniques. The course is based 100% on video, with JP Allen as a teacher, a well-known ukulele interpreter, who has been teaching for over 20 years, during which time he has been perfecting his teaching technique in order to be as understandable as possible. He was also a professor at the University of Texas and has toured around the world. Also with the help of this course you can access different professionals who are to your liking, with whom you can do private lessons.

As advantages of this course we mention: it is suitable for beginners, the structure of the lessons is very well developed and accessible, the lessons are short and intense, the site is well structured so as not to lose the content of the course. As a disadvantage: after learning the basic skills and technique you have to access another course for the next level and offer only a limited number of lessons.

Uke Like the Pros

This platform offers you a series of courses both for beginners and for those who already have knowledge about the basics, having access to established teachers with whom you can discuss various issues and also to the discussion forum from which you can learn other things. the basis that other students faced.

One of the most important instructors is Terry Carter, known in the music world both as an instrumental artist and composer. During the course you can communicate frequently with the instructors, the lessons are very well structured, the instructors keeping a close connection with the students, you have access to hundreds of lessons that are added frequently.

Artist Works

If you have the best ukulele for yourself and you want to be able to access beginner or intermediate level lessons, to have access to all kinds of parts and to be able to benefit from help from professionals, this platform can help you.

It contains over 2000 lessons and 100 well-known songs, but also a discussion base for those interested in this field. You have the advantage that you can register with the performed songs and you can send them and the instructors will give you feedback, focusing on the parts where you still have to work and what you can improve. A disadvantage would be the rather high cost of this course.

Ukulele Tricks

It is worth accessing this site where you can find some free lessons offered for beginners, which include the basic chords and some lighter pieces to start learning the ukulele technique. As you progress through your studies you can access paid lessons, which teach you step by step everything you need to become a professional. Courses are generally based on videos to make them easier to understand.

Learning Ukulele

Curt Sheller, a well-known ukulele interpreter, teacher, laid the foundations of this site, to help enthusiasts who do not have major financial resources, to benefit from well-structured lessons and professional help. The site contains 234 free lessons, plus private lessons with professional instructors at a very good price.

New content is frequently added, having access to various songs, videos, you can download courses, etc. Although at first the site may seem a little more difficult, with a little patience you will be able to navigate easily.

Top 7 hobby courses you can take online even on pandemic

Uke School

It is another site where you can learn to play the ukulele for free, even if you are a beginner, even if you already have the basics. In addition to courses, the site also provides you with an online audio and video library, useful no matter what level you are at. In addition, it contains numerous lessons dedicated to left-handers, offering all kinds of resources for them to easily learn this tool.

Rock Class 101

Although a smaller site than others, it still offers a serious platform for those who want to play the ukulele. The lessons are free as well as the access to their database, so you only need a little time and a lot of passion to be able to become a professional.

The site contains over 150 lessons, support via e-mail, where you can ask different problems you face and receive answers, as well as a forum where you can learn various other techniques and skills by talking to ukulele enthusiasts. Also, if you want to switch to paid content, you can see for free what it is about and whether it is worth the investment.

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