Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

The Golden Stage: a festival with a long history that has endured over time, bringing together, with certain exceptions, personalities from the art world, both domestically and internationally, and which is watched since May by all ages, grandchildren and grandparents alike, each with their favorite candidate.

Since its inception in 1968, the Golden Stag festival has brought together renowned performers who have produced unforgettable moments, while also serving as a showcase for great musicians. Due to the festival’s significance for Romania, we will continue to feature a top with some of the most prominent performers who have won the trophy and pleased the crowd.

Margareta Paslaru-Paslaru

Although he did not win the trophy, this artist was a member of the first Golden Stag 1968, where he was among the winners. That year, this magnificent event, the Golden Deer Brasov, was established, quickly becoming a tradition in this city, attracting thousands of participants, competitors, and spectators. Margareta Paslaru has been involved in the arts since she was four years old, making her musical debut at the age of fourteen. Framed in the pop style, it drew widespread notice and played a significant role in the musical life of the day.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Dobrescu, Luminita

The first artist of Romanian descent to win the Golden Stag Trophy in 1969, he was characterized by his distinctive voice, which drew notice despite the many competitors that competed. Concentrating on light music, the singer has been performing on stage since 1965, capturing notice and winning this renowned prize after only four years, at the age of 23.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Loredana Groza 

Following a 21-year hiatus from 1971 to 1992, the event returned in 1994 to represent Romania in the video part of the Golden Stag festival. Loredana Groza, 1986 debut year, is a complete artist who has charmed the audience throughout the years with songs brimming with passion and vitality, as well as outstanding videos and film soundtracks. Loredana Groza also performed as a brand guest at Cerbul de Aur.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Anghel Monica

In 1996, the artist competes in the Golden Stag and wins the prize despite the diverse and high-quality opposition she faced. The stage was filled with competitors from France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, the United States of America, Canada, and China, among others. A full artist, actor, performer, and radio host, with a devoted following who eagerly follows and supports his growth on a daily basis. He made his musical debut in 1985 and continues to perform in the pop style to this day.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage


In 2001, they win the trophy, gaining them even more local notoriety and attracting an increasing number of followers to the fantastic performances they arrange around the country. The band was established in 1999 and quickly gained fame for its approach to pop-rock. They are the first Romanian band to receive this prestigious prize.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Seling, Paula

Another well-known musician received the award in 2002, establishing himself as a pioneer of Romanian light music. As a composer and vocalist, she explores a variety of musical genres, ranging from rock and jazz to soul and blues. Since his debut in 1995, he has amassed a slew of honors, a lengthy repertoire, and chart-topping hits.

Although we have focused on Romanian artists as festival stars thus far, there were also numerous international artists who won the grand trophy and whom we fondly remember performing alongside some of music’s elite names at the time, such as Julio Iglesias, Cliff Richard, Raphael – for the first editions – or Cindy Lauper, Boy George, and Steve Vai.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Davis, Worthy

Originating in the United States, he also dominated Europe, making a name for himself in France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and Sweden, among other countries. In 1994, he won the Golden Stag award and achieved widespread popularity.

Baoliang Sha

At the 2003 Golden Stag, the crowd was drawn to this magnificent performer from China, who was also dubbed “the king of love poems.” Conquer the audience with his nuanced, warm, and flowing voice that will wrap you in love. Along with ballads, she will experiment with other forms such as rock and Chinese folk music, which she will approach uniquely.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Cassar, Eleanor

In 2004, she received the award from Malta. The singer, born in 1982, demonstrated her potential at the tender age of 11, gradually captivating the audience with her magnificent voice.

Jacobsen, Ovidiu

Although of Romanian ancestry, the artist attends the festival in 2009 from Norway, where he works and continues to live, and is one of three trophy winners, getting the special public prize.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

G. Eliza

Originally from Italy, the internationally renowned performer won the Golden Stag in 2019, conquering the crowd with her amazing voice. Certainly, this year’s edition was truly royal, with surprises aplenty, such as Bogdan Costache, who plays the violin on the first night of the festival on the balcony of the Council House tower; Laura Bretan at Cerbul de Aur, performing the song “You raise me up” alongside other renowned artists; and so on.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Elvin Dandel, singer, actor, songwriter, and pianist of Romanian descent, who was on the stage of this festival in 1996 alongside his father (Ricky Dandel), and TV presenter Eda Marcus were the Golden Stag 2019 presenters.Top 12 winners at the Golden Stage

Additionally, during the Golden Stage 2019, notable guests capped the gala days, including Stefan Banica Jr., Corina Chiriac, Ronan Keating, Ester Peony, and Viktor Lazlo. A significant event was also Corina Chiriac’s Golden Stag 2019 performance, which commemorated the 40th anniversary of the first color television broadcast.

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