Top 12 bizarre musical instruments you didn’t knew till now

If you are attentive and have a trained ear, you can hear music in the most unusual places and sounds formed in an unconventional way, which some artists have taken advantage of to create unique shows enjoyed by audiences who love this genre of music.

Inventive and with a special artistic sense, some instrumentalists, alone or with the help of scientists, have created over time all kinds of instruments that are more bizarre that they have presented to the general public. In this article, we will present you a top of such curiosities and we challenge you to listen to them, because they are real shows in themselves.

Although it is a top, the order can be changed according to everyone's taste and surely, if it will whet your appetite, you will find other bizarre musical instruments.

Zeusaphon (or Toramin)

What could be more spectacular than listening to music created by taming lightning? This device, based on coils invented by Tesla and a plasma speaker, transforms and modulates a spark output, creating a terrifying music that is worth listening to. It is a unique exercise through which the forces of nature are subdued and modulated to create and play musical compositions.

Top 12 bizarre musical instruments you didn't knew till now

The singing tree

It is called a tree due to its shape, but it is built entirely of metal tubes up to 3 m long. The wind penetrates through these pipes and makes a series of different sounds related to the input force, their direction, creating music scary. You can find such works in England, and more recently in the USA.

Wind harp

The power of the wind to make special sounds has been used since the fourth century, when these non-man-made instruments appeared in Greece. It is very similar to an ordinary harp, slightly larger, and the strings are driven by the wind to vibrate in tune with it.

Marine organ

If instruments powered by electric current and wind have been created, why not one that can be played by the sea. In Croatia, during walks on the seafront, tourists can enjoy a special music created by the movement of the waves, which enter the pipes installed inside the road.


We still stick to the sound produced by water and we refer to this instrument at least bizarre. It is in the form of a metal tube with holes through which water passes at a certain flow, which tends to spill through its spaces. With the help of your hands, just like on a flute, you close certain holes, thus being able to get a special music.

Great Stalacpipe Organ

It is a great achievement that the inventor, mathematician, worked on for 3 years, has an area of over 14,000 square meters and is located inside some caves that are connected to each other in the USA. The sounds are produced by various mechanisms that hit the stalactites with rubber sleeves, which join a central keyboard. It is worth seeing and listening to this great invention that will delight your soul.

Top 12 bizarre musical instruments you didn't knew till now

Musical stage

Taking advantage of the sounds made by a car passing at different speeds through certain potholes and unevenness, researchers in Japan cut the asphalt into different shapes. This way you no longer need music when you are on the road, being able to listen to the sounds of your car driving on such a street.

The LEGO harpsichord

The harpsichord is an instrument with a long history behind it, with countless composers who have written dozens of pages for it. A LEGO enthusiast managed to make such an instrument only from the pieces of the game, to which he added metal strings. The whole instrument weighs 68 kg and has a very cheerful design, the LEGO pieces being variously colored.

Glass harmonica

Appeared in the time of Mozart and Beethoven, who tried to include this instrument in their compositions, the glass music is based on the same principle as playing with wine glasses. Several rotating glass bowls of different sizes are mounted on a horizontally placed support.

Touched with wet fingers, they produce a series of very pleasant notes, which can be played simultaneously according to how skillful the artist who uses the instrument is.


If you are a lover of strong sensations and you want to listen to hard and special music, you can look for this very special instrument that gives you emotions. It works on propane and gasoline, and the sound is produced by explosions. Part of the instrument is on fire, creating a very strong visual stimulus.


You certainly wanted to have the experience of a conductor who can conduct an orchestra only with his hands, producing unique music, but it requires years and years of study and a lot of talent. With the help of this instrument, invented since 1920, you can sing without touching anything, just by moving your arms between two antennas.

Although he wanted to be an instrument in classical orchestras, he did not fit into the style and became known only in 1994 at the release of a film (Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey).

Top 12 bizarre musical instruments you didn't knew till now

Vegetable orchestra

Appeared in 1998, in Vienna, Austria, the orchestra takes its role very seriously and seeks to perfect its style more and more. All the tools that are used are made of vegetables. Some are used as such, others require more laborious combinations or sculptures.

Because they are very economical, in the end they serve the public with a tasty soup created from what is left of the vegetables used in the concert. Being perishable, they can be used only in a single representation, which is unique, because each time the sounds produced will be different.

If you like music and are passionate about studying and building instruments, it is best to start with something more classical, or you can go for electronic pianos , organs or synthesizers, and later, after gaining some experience, try to create something unique to stay in the history of music.

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