Top 10 easy to learn bass songs

There are some amazing songs among the many songs based on a good bassist that will help you diversify your methods, learn bold things, be able to express yourself freely, and begin your improvisations. In this post, I’ll show you some things to look for, practise, and study to help you become a better bassist.

Many well-known bassists from various musical genres have established history in the music world by crafting tunes of high delicacy and unmistakability. A skilled bassist in a band brings a song’s rhythm and harmony together, adds an extra attitude, and gives it life.

Below are ten songs in which the bassist’s progress is outstanding, which is important to master in order to continue improving and playing.

The order listed below does not have to be carefully followed; you can listen to the songs in whatever order you like, so connect your phone to the speakers and begin the audition.

Queen – Under Pressure

This song was released as a single by the famous British band in 1981, and it was then featured on the album Hot Space in 1982. It was a huge hit, immediately taking the top spots in the rankings after its release. Critics voted it the best song in the history of pop music in 2005 based on the bass line.

It has a low level of complexity, making it simple to learn, and it has a particular cadence and routine that is identifiable and easy to remember. Vanilla Ice used the same bass line for her song Ice Ice Baby, which was also a big hit.Top 10 easy to learn bass songs

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give it Away Now

It is expected that the band would have outstanding songs in this top, with an exceptional bassist in the top of the best musicians in the sector, Flea. The song was released in 1991 and has become a benchmark for bassists who want to get into funk music. A more tough level of difficulty is better suited to an experienced bassist.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around the World

We stay in the same territory with another outstanding song from the legendary funk band, released in 1999. The music conquers you from the first chords and transports you into an adrenaline rush, similar to the sense of a Montagne Russe. By the way, the song was adopted as the Disneyland soundtrack.

Following the start of the exception, the song takes a new turn, with guitarist John Frusciante singing in contrast to the rhythm section, generating an overflowing and captivating sound.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

One of the most well-known songs by the beloved pop music singer, published in 1982 and receiving multiple nominations and awards as well as occupying first position in the charts for long periods of time.

The bass line has a moderate level of complexity, thus it’s best suited for a bassist with some expertise who can handle its fluidity and movement. The bass dances with the protagonist, with a very high groove that gives the song force and completion.

Primus – American Life

The band is of American origin, with an aggressive sound that flirts with experimental rock. One of the band’s founders is bassist Les Claypool, who also delivers the band’s vocal part.

In 1991, the song American Life was released, and it included a strong bass line, a distinctive sound, and a prominent position in the song. Although it has a high degree of difficulty, it is incredibly appealing to a bassist, and with practise and patience, you will be able to recreate the bass line.

Stevie Wonder – I Wish

An extraordinary performer who influenced pop, rock, and even hip-hop music, with the album that features this song (Songs in the Key of Life), released in 1976, serving as a benchmark for future generations. The song is built on a recognisable bass line, an active line, and a lot of character, performed by Nathan Watts, a well-known bassist.

Pink Floyd – Money

Fans have recognised the initial chords of this renowned song since it was published in 1973 on the album The Dark Side of the Moon. The bass line in this song is unforgettable, with Roger Waters on bass guitar, one of the most important bassists in music history. It has a medium level of complexity and must be learned by any bassist.

Johann Pachelbel – Pachelbel’s canon in D major

It is a piece of classical music produced about 1690 that was revived in the twentieth century, with some portions appearing in well-known pop tunes.

Three melodic lines enter the canon, as well as a continuous bass line that plays an independent function throughout the work. It features baroque influences and repeats a phrase of two bars throughout the song. It is a low-difficulty exercise that is beneficial to any bassist.Top 10 easy to learn bass songs

Marc Anthony – Valio la Pena (salsa version)

The song was released in 2004 and is an excellent way to broaden your approach and learn different bass guitar rhythms. The song is a hybrid of styles, beginning with a simple blues structure influenced by Latin music and progressing to a more alert, danceable pace.

Herbie Hancock – Chameleon

A simple jazz line that should be regarded a bassist’s staple. This song’s bass line is simple, smooth, and classic, and it has a low level of complexity, making it easy to master. The song was released in 1973, and the singer was a major figure in the jazz scene at the time.

Many great bassists started out with a cheap and good bass on which they studied and refined their style before upgrading to professional models, so you may match your budget and start practising on a bass that suits your needs. The songs that are built around the unmistakable sound of the bass line will help you improve your technique, diversify your style, and gain the guts and skills necessary for improvisation and great solos.

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