The top ten rock bands of all time worth listening to

Even though a large portion of the rock bands that have made history in the world of music and are internationally recognized can no longer be heard live, with some being disbanded for various reasons, and those who continue to perform rarely come to Romania, and tickets are quite expensive, it is worth auditioning and watching the shows recorded during their glory period, for the pieces of extraordinary value.

It is difficult to rank all rock bands, as each has unique musical tastes and some subjectivity, so in the article below, I will highlight some rock bands that are well-known worldwide, have lasted roughly the same amount of time in roughly the same formula, have sold enough records, have won enough awards, are beloved even in Romania, and you have to listen to them.


The legendary Irish band is deserving of a top spot in the charts because, since its inception in 1976, it has maintained a consistent lineup (Bono – vocalist and guitarist; The Edge – guitarist, keyboards, vocals; Adam Clayton – bass; Larry Muller Jr – percussion), stands out with each new album, and puts on real shows during their live performances.The top ten rock bands of all time worth listening to

The band members have won numerous awards throughout their careers, and the album featuring the single “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” is among the top twenty most expensive vinyls.


It was founded in 1981 in America and has been gaining thrash metal fans since the release of its self-titled debut album, which sold over 65,000 copies. Other albums with a similar market share followed, as did top concerts, occasionally with large symphony orchestras, with three stable members (Lars Ulrich, Ron Mc Govney, and James Hetfield) who set a high bar for their music, which was praised for its aggressive sound and complexity of compositions.

Numerous worldwide newspapers have rated the band’s 1986 album “Master Of Puppets” as the band’s greatest. Romanian concerts are highly regarded, particularly in the rock and underground subculture groups.

The Rolling Stones

A band that has maintained its position over time, having been founded in 1962 in London, with founding members including Brian Jones, a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Mick Jagger, who has an unmistakable voice and puts on an incredible show during concerts, and Keith Richards, a guitarist who ranks among the greatest of all time.

A fusion of blues and hard rock that results in richly expressive songs that captivate the listener, the band merits a prominent place in the ranking due to their longevity and over 200 million CDs sold.The top ten rock bands of all time worth listening to


Regrettably, the death of vocal soloist Freddie Mercury brought an end to this magnificent band that dominated the world with a recognizable and unmistakably unique style that incorporates elements of opera, hard rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock.

In addition to the lead soloist, the band was created in 1970 and featured other notable musicians such as Bryan May – an amazing guitarist and vocalist; John Deacon – bass guitar; and Roger Taylor – drums, vocals.

Affected by a terrible illness, Freddie Mercury and the other band members continued to record until the very end, leaving behind works of unparalleled beauty. Queen’s popularity continues to be indisputable, even in Romania, and Freddie Mercury’s voice remains unrivaled. Even if he had registered solely through the use of a professional tape recorder, his stamp would have remained obvious.The top ten rock bands of all time worth listening to

Led Zeppelin

Even though he did not have the best guitar in the world, Jimmy Page made history in the world of music by ranking among the greatest guitarists of all time.

Along with Robert Plant’s voice and music, John Bonham’s drums and vocals, and John Paul Jones’ bass, organ, and mandolin; Page created the band in 1968 in London, which would become internationally acclaimed for its original style, which incorporates elements of hard rock, folk, and blues. They have performed in over 200 countries and sold over 200 million records.

Black Sabbath

The British band, founded in 1968, is widely regarded as a pioneer of the heavy metal genre. Ozzy Osbourne – unique musical voice; Tommy Iommy – solo guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, flute; Geezer Butler – bass guitar; and Bill Ward – drums, vocal – were the founding members.

The band has gone through numerous lineup changes over the years, with founding members departing and returning, with Tommy Iommi being the only constant member. They attempted another reunion in 2015, but it lasted only a few months. Another significant vocalist in the band was the equally well-known Ronnie James Dio (who later made his band).


In 1973, in Australia, on the initiative of the two Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm, the legendary rock band AC / DC was formed, fusing various genres together, including hard rock, blues rock, and heavy metal. After several failed efforts, they discover their ideal vocalist, Bon Scott, who also handles song creation. Unfortunately, Bon Scott passes away shortly after the album Highway to Hell begins production.

The band’s history then entered a darker period, but things began to improve with the addition of Brian Johnson, with whom they created a tribute album to Scott, Back in Black, which sold over 50 million copies worldwide. Giant concerts, over 15 studio albums, eight live albums, over 200 million records sold globally, and over 40 years of activity demonstrate their genuine worth, establishing them as one of the world’s most admired rock bands.


Although it is a relatively new rock band, created in 1994 in Germany and performing the great majority of songs in the mother tongue, it has achieved worldwide recognition through well-organized live shows, many of which feature pyrotechnic effects. The band members describe their sound as dance metal, which incorporates elements of industrial metal, electronic music, and heavy metal.

Richard Kruspe – guitar, vocals; Paul Landers – rhythm guitar, vocals; Till Lindermann – vocal soloist; Oliver Rieder – bass; Christoph Schneider – percussion; Christian Lorentz – synthesizer, clape, trumpet. The album “Mutter” (2001) is among the most popular, with no fewer than six hits.

The Entrances

Jim Morisson, the band’s soloist and a poet, collaborated with the band’s other members: Ray Manzareck – keyboards, piano, bass; Robby Krieger – guitar; and John Densmore – drums; to compose songs that quickly climbed the charts, establishing the band as one of the most beloved and controversial acts of the era.

Unfortunately, Jim Morisson died in 1971, barely six years after the band was founded (1965, America), and the band disbanded in 1973 as a result of his disorderly life, drug and alcohol misuse. The approach to rock was psychedelic. The Doors continue to be the most legendary appearance among the 1960s’ most popular rock bands.


With a brief lifespan of only seven years (established in 1987, America), the band created around singer Kurt Cobain pushed a distinct type of rock known as grunge, a fusion of punk and alternative rock. Along with the soloist, who also plays guitar, bassist Krist Novoselic was a constant presence, despite the percussionist’s repeated changes.

They have sold over 50 million albums worldwide and would very certainly have continued to be successful had the soloist not committed suicide at the age of 27, joining other prominent figures in the music business who died at the age of 27. ( Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morisson and one of the founders of The Rolling Stones Brian Jones). One could argue that Nirvana was one of the most popular rock bands throughout the uprising, maintaining a strong presence on many teens’ playlists today.

Although my list excludes Romanian bands, I would like to include the following as honorable mentions: Phoenix, Timpuri Noi, Iris, Holograf, Rosu, and Negru. If you are looking for information about a specific Romanian band or simply want to learn more about rock in Romania prior to the 1990s, continue browsing the site for my post on the most prominent Romanian rock bands during communism.


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