The most appreciated guitar string manufacturers of all times

In case you are just at the beginning of your study or you have not yet formed a preference for a certain rope manufacturer, you can find out from this guide which are the most appreciated and popular in the world, to try to find something on your taste.

Certainly there are many guitar string manufacturers worldwide and there are many products on the market, and if you do not have experience it can be quite difficult to make a choice. For this reason, we present below some names that are preferred by great guitarists, but also very popular, at different prices in order to be able to experiment and find a favorite brand.


With a long history behind it, the company is founded in Italy and is focused on this segment, to offer the best guitar strings, but also for other types of stringed instruments, as well as the accessories you need.

The company has expanded worldwide with countless offices now, headquartered in the US and European in England. Although it has been present on the market with the name only since 1974, the D'Addario family has a long experience in this industry, initially making ropes from animal intestines.

He immediately took the nylon and used it for strings, being in close contact with famous musicians in order to develop the product. They also expand in the field of metal strings, occupying a leading place in the field of production and sale of guitar strings.

The most appreciated guitar string manufacturers of all times

This way you can quietly choose D'Addario guitar strings and you will surely find something to your liking and at a convenient price.

They have sets of strings for acoustic guitar (such as EJ 16) from bronze to phosphor alloy, with hexagonal core, with high carbon and steel content. They are very accurate, because their measurements are made with laser measurements and are calibrated on the computer. They are twisted, which leads to better grip and does not hurt the fingers. For this reason they are very popular and have a decent price. They can also be used by beginners.

For electric guitars you can go for the EXL sets made of nickel-plated steel, shiny, round-wound, with a full and high-precision sound. The strings are soft and supple and have a good response and intonation. They are packed in anti-corrosion bags that protect the ropes.

You can also find good string variants for classical guitars, such as EJ45's sets, made of nylon with different sizes and a well-balanced tone. The Pro Arte line is very appreciated, offering a regular tension and a comfortable resistance. They are made of nylon with several filaments tied in silver copper to provide a warmer and brighter sound.

Ernie Ball

First of all, an exceptional musician of American origin, Ernie Ball has dedicated a part of his life to developing and promoting guitar-related products, being a world-renowned string producer.

The first store opened in 1957 and was dedicated only to the instrument he loved exceptionally, namely the guitar. Many branded guitarists preferred its products, promoting the brand, which has become very well known around the world.

For the acoustic guitar you can opt for the bronze sets with phosphorus, with a warm tone and a very good tactile response. They have a hexagonal core and produce an extended echo, in a wide range of tones. In addition, they are orange and so you can customize your guitar. Even if they are not the best strings for the acoustic guitar, they are an optimal option, with a very decent price.

The most appreciated guitar string manufacturers of all times

For electric guitars you can go for Slinky sets, which have a steel core with high carbon content, plated with tin and nickel. The heads are made of twisted brass so that they can be easily changed by any guitarist, even a beginner. They offer a balanced tone, with a special intonation and are of good quality.

Another variant for acoustic guitars are the Super Slinky sets, very thin, but resistant. The core is hexagonal in shape, made of high carbon steel, wrapped in pure nickel.

Bassists can also find suitable strings such as thicker, round Power Slinky sets with a high-carbon hexagonal steel core and pure nickel plating. Excellent for blues and classic rock, they have a well-balanced, precision tone, of a thicker caliber, thus being even stronger. Because they are sturdy and durable, they can be tougher for inexperienced guitarists.


Founded in 1902 in the USA, the company is famous primarily for the exceptional guitars it makes, but also produces and sells accessories for them, including strings. You can easily find strings for acoustic, electric or bass guitar.

If you have a Gibson electric guitar, and more, then you can equip it with strings from the same brand, and Brite sets are a very popular choice. It offers very strong guitar tones, being with hexagonal steel mesh, wrapped in high quality nickel. They are very resistant, having a long life, a special warmth and keep a good intonation.


Founded in 1989 in the USA, the company is a well-known name in the music industry, also appreciated for the guitar strings it produces.

For an acoustic guitar you can choose the sets of 80/20, copper and zinc alloy, which although they are covered, have a very thin protective layer, nanoweb, which is not felt when used. However, the protective layer ensures better corrosion resistance, longer life.

The most appreciated guitar string manufacturers of all times

You can find what thickness options you want, and they are appreciated because they do not deteriorate in tone and due to the very fine protective layer they eliminate unpleasant sounds, being ideal for studio recordings.

In addition to those with nanoweb coating, bright and smooth, you can also find two other options such as: warm, smooth and fast polyweb; and optiweb, natural and more rigid.

Now it may be easier for you to choose from a wide range of offers a set of guitar strings ( a list of examples can be analyzed here ) to match your style, to help you play the way you want and to you can express yourself as freely as possible during the interpretations.

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