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Everything starts with the DJ console, which allows the user to process music in real time while having a plethora of effects and settings at their disposal. Using our knowledge of the industry, we can claim that Pioneer’s DDJ-1000 is the greatest option for this year since it can be operated without the user having to look at their laptop, and it shows all the settings on their own displays inside the jogs.. Aside from that, there are two microphone inputs, and monitoring the vu-meters is a breeze. Additionally, it comes with Rekordbox DJ and its own built-in power source, both of which can be found in the product’s USB port. The Roland DJ-505, which has two channels and four decks and is compatible with numerous other kinds of road machines from the same manufacturer, is the second option we propose. Several sound effects are included as well as two separate headphone outputs as well as a microphone input.


On top of everything else, it has two screens inside the jogs that show the song parameters. As a result, when mixing, you won’t have to split your focus between the console and the laptop.

Because this is such a high-quality equipment, expect to pay a premium for it. It’s designed for discerning customers who have high expectations.

While mixing at large clubs, DJs can’t afford to skimp on their gear, and this console is one of the best on the market.

The console can imitate sounds from a variety of percussion devices (drum machines) using Analog Circuit Behavior technology, which is extremely handy for DJs. Multiple connections and scratch-friendly discs provide for endless mixing options.

Serato DJ software is required for use with this controller. Other consoles offer a variety of different types of software for this purpose, and some users believe that concentrating on only one is a drawback of this architecture.

Don’t hesitate to include this console among your top choices if you’re seeking for a console that strikes a great mix between value and performance.

For producers and musicians in the house and techno genres, a cutting-edge device that guarantees outstanding live show experiences with many enhancements and high-performance features such as four channels, three-band equalizers, and a 16-step drum sequencer is essential.

The cost is in line with the value provided, albeit it is significantly more expensive than the competition.

Narrowly targeted towards DJs who are looking to put on high-quality concerts but may also be used in studios.

What to look for when buying a DJ console

Guides to buying

Today’s Disc Jockeys use DJ consoles as their primary tool. Music playback equipment has evolved over time (pickups, even tape recorders were employed in the past), with the digital era now playing a critical role in organizing club events or outdoor concerts. The following are some of the most important elements of DJ consoles and how they may impact your decision to buy one:

Software is being used by music producers and DJs alike. One of the most popular viewpoints on the best DJ consoles is choosing between two models based on compatibility rather than choosing between two models based on compatibility alone. Some DJ controllers only work with Serato DJ, whilst others, like as the Numark Mixtrack Pro III, can run Serato DJ as well as other comparable programs.The best dj consoles 2022

Since some apps’ licenses are expensive, you’ll be able to use a free trial to see how you perform with them or if they’re compatible with the console before you buy them. Some of the most popular DJ software includes Traktor, RekordBox, Serato, and VirtualDJ.

Determine the number of sound sources you can combine by looking at the number of channels. A DJ console, whether expensive or not, will include at least two channels, as “mix” is derived from the English phrase “mix.”

Additionally, there are four-channel variants available for more advanced users that want the ability to control and change the sound coming from four independent sources. Though it is true that more isn’t always better, you may choose a 2-channel model that has different qualities and specifications based on your style of work, the kind of mixes you generate and your personal skill.

To illustrate, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 has four channels while the Roland DJ-505 only has two, yet both are extremely high-end versions with a high level of prestige and quality.

There are four separate inputs on a DJ controller (another word for the console). Each of the two channels contains a switch that allows the user to choose between two separate inputs, which explains why this is happening. However, you may only combine with two sources at a time and must need a four-channel model if you want more.

Equalization: using the equalizer controls, the DJ may control how prominent specific frequencies are in each channel’s sound. Three-band equalizers are the most common choice, with one band for low frequencies (bass), one for midrange, and one for high frequencies.

Only two bands (low and high) are standard on several consoles, but three bands are available on a few. To standardize the sound of a mix of different sources, some models additionally contain a global equalizer. This lets you adjust frequencies on all channels at once.The best dj consoles 2022

DJ consoles can be modular or non-modular. In the present market, many affordable DJ consoles are non-modular. By doing this, each product has all of its components in a single body or case (sound card, mixer element, deck controls). With all of these resources at your disposal, you should be able to go to work right away.

Modular versions with distinct pieces, which may add analog and not digital mixers or independent sound cards, may appeal to experienced users, though. After all, it’s a question of personal preference, since some DJs like to employ specialized equipment that can only be connected and operated with a modular controller. Non-modular models will make up the majority of the models we cover in the second section of our guide because they are the most popular right now.

outputs: master out (where the ultimate sound comes out) and headphones are required on every DJ console. The monitor output may also be used as an extra speaker output, as well as a recording output for connecting various recording equipment.

USB outputs are now standard on nearly all modern models, making it easy to connect MIDI, laptops, external audio cards, and other peripherals.

There is a sound card incorporated: Some versions have an interface or sound card, while others require an external connection. Generally speaking, newer console models are more likely to come with this attachment, whilst older models are less likely.

Because it sends its own audio signal instead of using a controller-to-laptop connection, a sound interface eliminates the requirement for external audio devices like headphones or amplified active monitors or music recording systems. Modular consoles don’t have a sound interface; instead, they’re made to connect different accessories that the user selects himself.

This component is also known as a “BPM counter,” which stands for beats per minute. A program examines the beat of a song playing on one of the channels, and if it matches the beat of the song now playing, it will make a prediction. In this way, the DJ will know if the transition from one song to the next is successful.

Other digital effects, such as reverberations, can be played back in addition to the tempo detector. Remember that sound effects may also be played via an external video card or a linked laptop while shopping for the finest DJ console.

We’ve chosen a few consoles based on their popularity and features based on evaluations from DJs and mixing fans alike, as well as specialist DJ equipment review sites. We go into great length about them below, emphasizing the positive aspects as well as the negative ones that may cause some purchasers to overlook them in favor of rival items.. It’s worth checking back later to see if we’ve added any new goods to the presentation lists because we do so on a regular basis.

Pioneer DDJ-1000 is one of the models to look out for next year.

The best dj consoles 2022The DDJ-1000 model stands out for its outstanding quality and performance because of the vast choice of DJ Pioneer consoles available on the market.

It contains four channels, 16 pads with effects, and two (not one!) decks. Sound cards built inside the console make it possible to utilize it simultaneously with another DJ. The color screens within the jogs, which show all the playback and mix parameters, are one of the most significant features. This means you don’t have to pay attention to the linked laptop when using them.

There are two USB ports in addition to the phono inputs on each channel. There are several additional controllers that may be used with this non-modular one. You may manually insert chosen beats from a 16-slot sampler into your jog, which ensures that it will not break after 10 million movements.


Cardioid microphone, ideal for home recording studios.

Many well-known “youtubers” rely on it for its superior audio quality.

It’s mounted on the stand with a revolving mounting device.

Reduces background noise, making it an excellent choice for digital recording systems because of its low noise output.


Because it lacks USB connectivity, you’ll need to utilize an external sound card with phantom power to use it with your PC.


The Roland DJ-505 is a good example of this.

The best dj consoles 2022When it comes to scratching, a wide diameter jog wheel and low latency make it ideal for Roland’s two-channel controller, which has four decks. Multiple control modes are supported by the eight touch pads (roll, hot cue, pattern, sampler, TR).

An XLR and an RCA type master output (two of each for each channel) are provided as well as headphone and MIDI connections. A USB port is provided for connecting to a computer. RCA plugs are used for the system’s inputs. There’s just support for Serato DJ, which may appeal to Serato DJ lovers but discourage people searching for consoles that work with a variety of programs.

The controller weighs just 3.5 kilos, making it extremely portable. It also works with the top Roland drum machines, which is a huge benefit.


The ease of use and specific jogs for scratching make it one of the greatest controllers for live performances, according to the reviewers.

Even though it just has two channels, it has a slew of inputs.

It’s easy to travel because it’s light (3.5 kilograms).

The TR-808, TR-707, TR-606, and TR-909 Roland synthesizers do well on the road.


Some purchasers would rather have a console that works with a variety of DJ software than one that solely supports Serato DJ.


DJ Roland’s 8-Bit System

The best dj consoles 2022This cutting-edge device will satisfy even the most demanding DJs, so if you’re a pro and have reached a level of performance where quality is paramount, you should consider it.

It contains four Serato Pro-specific channels, each with a 16-step drum sequencer that lets you to write drum sounds and samples while using the device, as well as renowned drum sounds, a three-band equalization, an FX button for each channel, and a fully-controlled microphone section.

For connectivity, there is nothing to complain about: the unit is equipped with two USB sockets, an optical digital input (through an optical cable), and an XLR master output. There are also headphone connectors with a variety of controls, including volume, mixing, and switching between mono and stereo outputs. As a result, it’s a DJ console that can be used for both recording studio work and performing live.

The advantages are as follows:

Basically, it’s a four-channel DJ mixer with voice-processing capabilities.

It’s a perfect match for Serato DJ.

It’s a design with a wide range of interesting and practical connections.

Includes popular drum beats over the years.

Negative aspects:

Because it’s a high-end product, it’s more expensive.


DJ-202 by Roland

The best dj consoles 2022If your budget is tight but you still want a high-quality DJ console, don’t be afraid to include this model on your list.

It’s a high-quality package that includes everything you need to perform as a DJ to the best of your ability: It is easy to use since the discs are responsive and feel great, and you can vary their sensitivity to suit your preferences. The buttons are sturdy and straightforward to operate. built-in noise reduction filter and speech effects

With regard to connection, you can count on this console’s microphone input, RCA type master output, stereo headphone jack, type B USB port, and MIDI output to meet your requirements. It has a weight of 2.1 kg and a size that is about average (47.8 x 29.7 x 6.2 cm).

The advantages are as follows:

Exceptionally good value for the money, delivering top-notch performance on a tighter budget.

The platters’ sensitivity may be adjusted for a better user experience.

It has several features that are essential for a DJ.

There is excellent connection throughout the facility.

Negative aspects:

In comparison to other models, creating sequences is more complicated and less natural.


Digital audio workstation with built-in effects processor.

The best dj consoles 2022If you’re interested in becoming a DJ and want to see if it’s something you can manage and if it matches your personality, this DJ console model has large (6-inch) discs for your particular class so you may practice and grow as a DJ.

Mic, RCA output, headphone jack and USB connection for other devices are all included in this DJ-friendly mixer. It comes with Serato DJ Lite so you can get started quickly, easily, and comfortably with Serato DJ Lite as software.

The built-in sound card is easy to use thanks to the big pitch sliders and logical button layout. You can easily regulate your headphones’ volume and EQ using the built-in three-band equalizer.

The advantages are as follows:

It’s a console that’s geared for both veterans and newcomers.

They have big, easy-to-use turntables.

To simply and efficiently connect to other devices, your computer has the most basic inputs and outputs available to you.

It’s much easier to use because the buttons are big and obvious.

Negative aspects:

Adding Serato Pro software to your system costs money.


Traktor Control Z1 by Native Instruments

The best dj consoles 2022If you’re a DJ in high demand who has to be mobile, this is a great option. It’s one of the tiniest and most lightweight DJ consoles available.

Due to the popularity of Traktor Pro among DJs, this product was created with Traktor Pro in mind, as well as Traktor DJ, the mobile version. It contains three-band EQ controls that are both powerful and user-friendly. The faders are responsive and simple to use.

The controls are split into two channels, each with their own volume, effect, and filter knobs. You’re set for the club with a powerful and crystal-clear sound thanks to the built-in sound card. Modularity allows you to simply bring what you need and not overburden yourself. With non-slip feet, it’s solid on the table and well-connected.

The advantages are as follows:

Traktor pro and Traktor DJ are two of the most popular DJ software programs.

It’s easy to use and handy.

With a flick of their wrist, the faders changed their behavior.

It’s small and lightweight, so you can carry it about with you wherever you go.

Negative aspects:

It’s best suited for intimate gatherings or pre-planning.


APC Mini from Akai

The best dj consoles 2022It’s a dynamic DJ console intended for mobile musicians that’s small but mighty, and it’s loaded with cutting-edge technology.

To make it more easier to use, it features an 8 by 8 grille with different-colored lights to let you know what level you’re at without having to consult the computer. You have quick access to different effects, volume, mixing, etc. via the 9 channel faders, which are placed at the bottom. With the Ableton Live interface already built in, you may tweak the settings to your heart’s content.

It has a USB interface and may be used in parallel with numerous other devices if necessary. There is also a powerful virtual synthesizer called Ableton Live included in the package, which makes it a great tool for music production. It weighs about 0.6 kilograms and is rather compact (25.4 x 23.8 x 2 cm).

The advantages are as follows:

A bag is all you need to transport it.

Strong and durable, with a decently constructed design.

In low light, the button grid is lighted for further convenience.

Connectivity is excellent.

Negative aspects:

According to the maker, it’s designed for usage with Ableton Live.


What are the steps to become a DJ?

Sites like can help.

the dj controller and how to use it

4) How to become a DJ

»Previous year’s recommendations may be seen here.

Other highly suggested items that aren’t available right now include:

Music production software from Numark called Mixtrack Pro III.

In spite of the term “Serato” being on the bottom right of this DJ console, it supports not just Serato but also Virtual DJ or other versions of the DJ software in question. Despite its low price, consumers have frequently commended the product’s quality and performance.

There are several features that are commonly cited, including the sound quality (it includes an efficient built-in audio card), the big faders (100 millimeters), which allow for extremely precise pitch adjustment, and the knobs for filtering on each channel (a rarity for consoles in this price range).

The product’s ultra-slim profile makes it convenient to take to events such as concerts and parties.


The price is really low, yet the product itself is of great quality, which makes a nice contrast.

Pitch may be adjusted with precision using the 10 cm faders.

Few devices in this price range include separate knobs for each channel.

Because the console is so tiny (6 cm), it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.


Beginners will love it, while expert gamers will prefer something more challenging.

Dj mixer from Pioneer, the DDJ-SR2.

The controller featured here is robust, small, and easy to travel, and big diameter and low latency jogs are specifically built for scratching. It works with Serato DJ and Pitch-N-Time, two of the most popular DJ systems. The pitch sliders are tiny (5 millimeters), which may limit their accuracy. This is something to keep in mind while reading user reviews.

However, some players complain that the console’s surface is cluttered with too many buttons, making it difficult to play. Sound card, equalization, filters, effects, 16 pads (eight per channel), RCA and microphone inputs and outputs, RCA and XLR, and headphone jack are all included in this two-channel unit. It is powered by an adapter but may also be used with USB.

Each channel has two rows of LEDs on the vu-meters and earthing connections. The product’s low weight (3.7 kilos) is another selling point for the company’s pioneering producer.


Size is small, and weight is light (553 x 65 x 334 millimeters and 3.7 kilograms).

Excellent live performance pads and jogs.

Multiple software support, with a focus on Serato DJ and Pitch’N’Time in particular.

Included is a hardware mixer with individual channel EQs featuring three bands each.


A large number of buttons are crammed into a compact area, and the sliders are relatively small, allowing us to adjust the settings with great accuracy.

The Numark MixDeck Express in Black from the manufacturer

For lovers of the Numark brand who have built a solid name in the DJ industry, we’ve put together a DJ console that’s affordable. Auxiliary connection for ambient music is also included, as with support for CDs and MP3s (so the DJ may connect CD players or USB sticks with music when needed).

As well as connecting to computers, it can also be used to mix music from portable devices like as MP3 players, iPods, and iPhones. You may attach up to two microphones to this system at the same time. The three-band equalization is included, as is Serato DJ software, but Traktor or Virtual DJ can also be used.

Additionally, each channel has its own liquid crystal display, allowing the user to keep tabs on numerous playback settings while listening. As compared to previous versions, this one is a little heavier (4.4 kilograms). It includes two headphone outputs, RCA pickups, Stereo TRS, and XLR connections.


It has the ability to play CDs as well as digital music files (WAV, MP3, AIFF).

Playback settings may be monitored on the device’s two liquid crystal panels.

Software DJ Intro is included, however you can also use Traktor or Virtual DJ with it.

There’s a built-in three-channel mixer, too.


To automatically alter the rhythms of two songs, it would have needed a “sync” button.

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