Mountain songs at their most lovely

   There are several songs with a primary topic of the mountain or that are regarded to be mountain songs due to their frequent performance on group outings, camps, and so forth. I am in excruciating pain with my eyes, Pass battalions, Crazy white, Free Dacians, and autumn are just a few instances.

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Today, we would want to spend some time discussing mountain music. They are a little older, they are not to everyone’s taste, and they do not always have particular lyrics, but they are commonly interpreted while hiking or participating in other outdoor sports.

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Valeria and Traian Ilea – I miss you so much

For many years, the Ilea pair published this song in 2015, with lyrics from lovely and well-known mountain tunes. The song’s original title was “Lightning Ballad” and it was released in 1979. It was created by Orizont 77 and has lyrics by Ioan Voicu. Although it originated as a folk song, it is frequently sung by folk music artists, as Valeria and Traian Ilea do.

The words of this song are mostly about nature, but also about unfulfilled love: “My eyes ache so terribly I suffer / The agony of the leaves,” “And I go and I go / To the spring beneath the walnut,” and “And -I will leave without knowing / Taken away by your desire.”

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Nicolae Furdui Iancu – Pass battalions

Pass battalions, words familiar to everybody, as it is a song that we have all heard, particularly in school settings. It is a nationalistic song that is frequently performed in the highlands. Furdui Iancu’s rendition was published in 2003. You are undoubtedly familiar with other songs by this singer, such as We are Romanians (with similar lyrics) or Who does not enjoy love.

With regards to the composition’s origins, it appears to have been a combat hymn sung during the First World War – “Pass Roman troops, Carpathians / At gunpoint with foliage and flowers”. The Men’s Choir from Finteusul Mare had the first formal concert in 1918.

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Emeric Imre – Crazy White

Oftentimes, individuals who enjoy singing on the mountain may hum words from mountain songs, such as those in the song Crazy White by Emeric Imre, which he created in 2006 based on the lyrics of the renowned poet Adrian Paunescu.

The chorus has some of the most heartfelt love lyrics in this musical work: “And I love you with pity and horror / Everything that belongs to you belongs to me / Like a maniac in white capturing / The dark queen for eternity.”

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Living fire – Free Dacians

When listening to these mountain tunes, one cannot not but picture how such a situation might have played out. This work deals with a historical subject and does an excellent job of describing the Dacians’ appearance and behavior – “The free Dacians descend from the column / A breeze whistles through the locusts’ beards.” The folk band Focul viu wrote and performed it.

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Tatiana Stepa – Still autumn

This song is really emotional and will cause you to reflect on how life works. Tatiana Stepa interprets it uniquely, and the chorus also features the voice of renowned poet Adrian Paunescu, who delivers the words with emotion: “And yet autumn is approaching / And sadly we are old / And yet autumn is approaching / And you feel it si-o-ngani “.

Autumn has arrived – Cornel Fugaru, Autumn Emotion – Nicu Alifantis, and Autumn – Tudor Gheorghe are other songs that center on this season.

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Signal M – Raul

This song was published in 1995 by the rock band Semnal M. It is liked by individuals who are accustomed to having their songs performed on the mountain, since it is quite easy to accompany with even a simple guitar. The topic is nature, or more accurately, evil, as the band’s members demonstrate the consequences of pollution on water: “And he cries, requesting back / His clear mirror that has been covered in muck.”

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Alexandra Bleaje – Ana, the mountain girl

The song is one of those popular love songs. It is sung throughout the highlands and beyond by musicians who like this style.

This song is about Ana, a mountain girl who suffers as a result of her husband’s move to Catania. He assures him that he is waiting for him, but after just half a year, he meets another woman and breaks his word – “Your black eyes are like blackberries / I tear and sigh in one, Ana”, “Not a year and a half has passed / Look how far away badea is, Ana”.

Mountain songs at their most lovely

Mircea Baniciu – Andrii Popa

Who is unfamiliar with this hymn, which is performed not only on the summit of the mountain, but also in a variety of other locations. It has been extremely popular for many years, dating all the way back to 1973, when Mircea Baniciu (soloist of the band Phoenix) put Vasile Alecsandri’s words to music. The song chronicles the story of famed criminal Andrii Popa, who is hunted for seven years in power before being assassinated. He was finally apprehended in 1818, in the Seaca Valley, by Mihai Cozoni, following a bloody battle.

It is easily interpretable with the accompaniment of a cajon or guitar and has frequently reached the summits of mountains.

These are only a sampling of the music heard on the mountain. However, there are several others, including winter songs and carols (Yellow Quince, Up on the top of the mountain, The warrior and the deer), as well as more contemporary songs, such as those sung by the band Cale’n Dar (A littered mountain, Cantec Retezat) or by the folk artist Carmen Ciocolata (Schiorita, Padure Nebuna, Snow today for you).

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