Law is a rule of conduct developed by the government or society over a certain territory. Law follows certain practices and customs in order to deal with crime, business, social relationships, property, finance, etc. The Law is controlled and enforced by the controlling authority. Law grows and develops with the increase and improvement of society. New developments in society create new issues and regulation is required to address those troubles. According to dictionary definition of Law, means a rule established by authority or by custom. It regulates the behaviors of a community, Country, and many others. In other words, it’s far the legislative pronouncements of the guidelines which must guide one’s movement in society. To say, it’s miles a rule of action to which humans behavior should conform.

John Austin’s law definition states “Law is the aggregate set of rules set by a man as politically superior, or sovereign to men, as political subjects.”

Hans Kelsen created the ‘pure theory of law’. Kelsen states that law is a ‘normative science’. In Kelson’s law definition, the law does not seek to describe what must occur, but rather only defines certain rules to abide by.

Leon Duguit states that law as “essentially and exclusively as a social fact.”

Rudolph Von Ihering’s law definition. – “The form of the guarantee of conditions of life of society, assured by State’s power of constraint.”

Sources of Law


Custom has been one of the oldest sources of regulation. In ancient times, social relations gave rise to several usages, traditions and customs. These have been used to settle and decide disputes the various human beings. Customs were practiced habitually and violations of customs have been disapproved and punished by means of the society. Initially social establishments started running on the premise of several commonplace customs.

Gradually, the State emerged because the organised political group of the humans having the duty to hold peace, law and order; clearly, it also began appearing by means of making and implementing guidelines based upon customs and traditions. In truth, maximum of the laws had their birth when the State started changing the customs into authoritative and binding regulations. Custom has been certainly a wealthy source of Law.

Religion and Morality

Religion and non secular codes regarded certainly in each society when human beings started staring at, taking part in and fearing natural forces. These had been commonplace as superior heavenly forces (Gods and Goddesses) and worshiped.

Religion then started out regulating the behaviour of humans and started out invoking “Godly sanction”, “worry of hell”, and “feasible fruits of heaven”, for imposing the spiritual codes. It forced the human beings to simply accept and obey spiritual codes. Several religions got here ahead to formulate and prescribe specific codes of behavior. The guidelines of morality additionally regarded in society. These defined what turned into properly & what was awful, what turned into right and what was incorrect.

The religious and moral codes of a society furnished to the State the vital fabric for regulating the moves of the humans. The State transformed several ethical and religious policies into its legal guidelines. Hence Religion and Morality have additionally been critical sources of Law.


Since the emergence of legislatures in thirteenth century, law has emerged because the leader source of Law. Traditionally, the State depended upon customs and the decrees or orders of the King for regulating the behaviour of the humans. Later on, the legislature emerged as an organ of the government. It started transforming the commonplace guidelines of behaviour into particular and enacted guidelines of behaviour of the humans.

The King, because the sovereign, started out giving those his approval. Soon regulation emerged because the chief source of regulation and the legislature were given recognition because the Legal Sovereign i.E. Regulation-making organ of the State. In modern instances, legislation has come to be the maximum amazing, prolific and direct supply of regulation. It has emerge as diagnosed as the chief approach for the formulation of the will of the State into binding regulations.

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