How to download music on your iPhone

While it may appear hard at first to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone in order to play the required tunes, using programs such as iTunes or Dr. Frone simplifies the process significantly. Then, if you utilize programs such as Apple Music, eSound, or Audiomack, you may listen to the chosen music online and download them.

Those who are accustomed to listening to music on a regular basis and wish to have their favorite songs on their iPhone sometimes express their desire to “download free music, MP3” or transfer tracks from computer to smartphone. This may be fairly straightforward if you are an intelligent individual.

We’d like to highlight several programs that can assist you in your endeavor in the following sections.


To utilize this program for file transfer from computer on phone, you must first download iTunes to your PC. On the phone, there is an application that is pre-installed.

Additionally, you must link the devices – the computer and the iPhone – through a connection in order to utilize this program. You may also establish this connection over a wireless network if you know how.

To use iTunes to transfer songs to your phone, they must already be on your computer. There are several music download applications available that allow you to accomplish this for free, as well as internet sites that welcome you in this respect.

The music already on the computer are copied to iTunes; then, from the program on the PC, click on the button that brings you to your phone’s menu, navigate to Music, select what you want to sync (the entire file or specific songs), and then push Sync.

This is not a music download software for your phone, but rather a tool for transferring music from your computer to your iPhone. Keep an eye out for tracks you previously transmitted to your smartphone, since they will be erased, and if you haven’t saved them to re-transfer, you’ll have to download the music you enjoy again.

How to download music on your iphone

Dr. frone

This is not a music downloader, but rather an application that allows you to effortlessly transfer tunes from your computer to your phone. However, you must first utilize a music download tool on your PC to obtain the desired tracks.

This program enables you to manage your phone’s activities from your computer. Thus, after installing it on your computer, connect your iPhone to it, search for Music, and simply copy the songs received through various music download applications into this category, while retaining the ones you previously had.

How to download music on your iphone

Apple Music

You cannot use this program, which is the system, to get music for free. You may download music online in the sense that you can opt to have the desired tracks available even if you are not connected to the Internet.

To listen to music, you’ll need an Apple Music membership. With an active membership, you may listen to any albums or songs you like, and if you go into the settings of a particular song and select “Available offline,” you can play that song even if you are not connected to the Internet.

If you disagree with this approach, you may use one of the others listed above, which will address the question “how do I put music on my iPhone after downloading it to my computer?”

How to download music on your iphone


If you’re looking for a completely free way to listen to music on your iPhone without using the Internet, you may try this application.

With its assistance, you can simply listen to and download music for free, since it has a large number of songs. Its UI is identical to that of Apple Music, making it simple to use.

To begin downloading music directly to your phone for free, you’ll need to establish an account or log in using the Facebook or Google platforms. This program allows you to add music to your favorites, create playlists, modify the names, titles, and icons of the songs you’ve listened to, and much more.

The issue frequently manifests itself in the absence of specific songs and the appearance of several advertisements when the Internet is active and it is not about downloading and playing music.

How to download music on your iphone


This is a software for downloading music to be played offline, but it also has a player that allows you to play a large number of songs when connected to the Internet.

While you are not need to register an account to listen to specific songs, if you are interested in learning how to download music, you will need an account or a login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Apple.

It’s a really user-friendly interface for this software, which allows me to download music for free and allows you to do the same thing; you can create playlists, add songs to favorites, and listen to them with the phone’s screen closed.

How to download music on your iphone

How to download music from YouTube

You discovered, among other things, the answer to the query “How do I put music on my iPhone?” using the information above. However, in order to transfer it from your computer to your phone, you must also understand what to do when you say “I want to download music from YouTube for free.”

This is not a difficult task. There are several apps that enable this (Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, GetGo YouTube Downloader, Dipry Studio), but there are also numerous websites that facilitate the process by just inputting a link and clicking the download button. need a program to download music from YouTube to your computer to install.

If you’ve figured out “how to put music on iPhone” and mastered these easy ways, all you have to do now is enjoy listening to the songs you want, connecting the phone to the karaoke speaker, and humming anytime you want, including your favorite tunes.

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