How are the girls from the band named ASIA

Surely, if you are over 30 years old, you recall fondly the era when the band ASIA was popular, you still hum some lines and pay closer attention when you watch a song with your friends, and if you want to refresh your memories or check how the band’s former members are doing, read the article below.

Perhaps you are reminded of your childhood when you listen to another song played by the band ASIA, or perhaps you saw a video on YouTube and fell in love with it, but you are unaware of their story. Because the band intended to reconvene and deliver a concert to its fans in 2020, a project that was postponed owing to the worldwide pandemic crisis, we decided to provide you with some facts to refresh your memory.

What was the band’s time of existence?

ASIA was formed in 1999 and remained active until 2006, when it disbanded. She was also known as Spice Females in Romania due to the fact that she consisted of four girls and was a huge hit during the time period in which she performed.

They were a fulminating presence, beautiful, sensual, and joyful, and rapidly drew a big audience to their shows. Many girls at the time attempted to emulate them, both in terms of clothes and appearance, swiftly establishing themselves as role models. Males ranging in age from 15 to 70 were captivated by their presence, making it simple to establish a reputation for themselves and gain a large following.How are the girls from the band named asia

Who were the band’s members?

The band’s first lineup was Anca Neacsu, Sorana Mohamad, Irina Nicolae, and Anemona Niculescu. They also came up with the name ASIA band by combining the initials of each member’s little names.

The composition altered over time, but they always attempted to retain these initials. Thus, when Anemona departed a year after the company’s establishment, she was succeeded by Alexandra Potora.

However, Alexandra’s tenure was brief, lasting just until 2002, when she was succeeded by Alina Crisan. Irina Nicolae also announced her retirement in 2005, and “Ianna” Rodica Novac would take her place.

In general, the females left the band for valid reasons, including moving out of the country, but the band reformed and remained strong until Irina from ASIA quit and the band split after one year. Irina was also the band’s primary soloist, and was dubbed “the girl with tails” by admirers.

What factors contributed to the band’s success?

In 2002, ASIA hit its zenith, becoming extremely successful and attracting millions of followers. When Alexandra departs, the band decides to hold a nationwide competition in order to recruit a replacement. This is how the Alege ASIA show came to be, which peaked at over 2 million followers and ran from October through December.

A novel method of selecting a new member for the ASIA band, which piqued fans’ curiosity and attention. Alina Crisan, the contest’s winner, will join the band’s females.How are the girls from the band named asia

The band had two managers who contributed to their increased visibility: Adi Ordean, who was in charge of music, and Florin Ionescu, who was in charge of logistics. Thus, by dividing the duties, each member made a significant contribution to bringing the band to the public’s notice and ultimately conquering it.

Additionally, they possessed a highly developed work ethic and worked diligently to show themselves flawlessly to the audience, complete with an excellent dance that complemented the music. They were ubiquitous, appearing on television in a variety of shows, on the radio, and in concerts, constantly captivating the audience.

Naturally, everything is critical, which is why they had a person in charge of the attire, which was made specifically for the band members and emphasized their femininity. The shoes were also not left to chance, since they were designed specifically for the band’s female members, who needed shoes that were comfortable, allowed them to dance, but also looked extremely effective.

What are the current activities of the former members?

It is been more than two decades since the band was popular, and you are probably curious in how they changed over time and what each member selected when they split.

Irina, who left the herd in 2005, is now married and has a daughter in Hungary. He was no longer in the public eye and spent the most of his time with his family. What is Sorana’s status in ASIA? Despite the fact that the press provided numerous details about her along the road, she never flirted with music and went on to become a successful businesswoman. She endured a traumatic divorce and was the protagonist of 2016’s Star farm.

Anca Neacsu stayed active in the music industry and had certain songs from ASIA remixed (Pull the skirt below ). He just relocated to Turkey. There is little information about Anemona ASIA, but Alexandra, who assumed her position until 2002, left to America to study and never returned.


If you are unfamiliar with the ASIA girls’ chart-topping singles, I have included a list of their studio albums below:

ASIA The band’s first album since 1999; in 2000, they published two albums, Dangerous and White Nights; and in 2002, I released two further albums, True Loves and Me, You, and… The Moon in the Sky; Urban made his debut in 2004; Shanana’s final album was released in 2005.

Now that your memories have returned or I have piqued your interest, if you are unfamiliar with the band ASIA, you may conduct a YouTube search and study the band’s most beautiful moments. They utilized lavalier at performances to be able to dance freely, generally with a more unique choreography that placed a high premium on them.

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