How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

In 2022, amplifiers will be reviewed and updated

Amplifiers are critical components of goods that involve the recording and playback of sounds. They are incorporated into a variety of devices, including speakers, telephones, televisions, computers, and headphones, but they are also available separately in formats optimized for the former’s performance. For skilled musicians in need of a basic recording setup, we propose the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio mk2 kit, which includes an amplifier, a microphone, and headphones for live monitoring. If you are looking for a compact device with the technological specifications essential to upgrade the audio system in your car, we propose the Pioneer GM-A3702 version.

Table of comparisons

It is the ideal set for those who wish to register in the privacy of their own home or in a specifically designated area. Includes an amplifier with two inputs for microphone and instrument, as well as a monitoring output, as well as a volume control button and a headphone connection that enables zero-latency real-time listening.

As a professional edition with additional items and applications, it is more expensive than other variants.

This package includes an amplifier, headphones, a condenser microphone, and dedicated software with comprehensive audio processing capabilities. It is ideal for professional recordings that need exceptional sound quality.

This amplifier type features a sleek, compact design that fits easily into any automobile. It features a wide response frequency range of 10Hz to 7kHz for high-definition sound. It is a stereo version with two channels and minimal distortion, provided with all required attachments for simple installation inside the vehicle.

Due to the gadget being a two-channel type, the number of speakers that may be used with it is limited.

Amplifier for the car’s audio system, with a small design and 190W of power, ideal for enhancing the sound quality during playing.

It is a tube-based amplifier with exceptional sound quality that is ideal for guitarists. It features two channels, each with the ability to generate different acoustic effects, a 50W power supply, and a sturdy construction that includes all required parts for safe movement and placement for each application.

It is a professional model, which means that it has superior performance and hence a greater purchasing cost than other variants.

Model intended for use on stage and in the recording studio, equipped with lighting and acoustic effects to maximize the results of guitar soloists.

Analyses of the finest amplifiers

Are you seeking for affordable yet high-quality amplifiers but are unsure where to begin analyzing the available products? From simple, tiny headphones to versions equipped with a mixer or an integrated subwoofer, the selection is truly diverse. Utilize the samples we have chosen to paint the most realistic picture of the alternatives available to you.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio mk2 audio amplifier kit

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedIf you wish to record your own songs professionally, we propose this package with audio amplifier, which is meant for professional musicians. It comprises all of the gear and software necessary to record the delicate tones of the human voice and mix them with a musical backdrop.

A condenser microphone with an XLR connection cable, professional headphones for real-time monitoring, and a Scarlet 2i2 amplifier comprise the package. The latter is a USB-connected version that may be used relatively easily in conjunction with a laptop running the accompanying audio processing software (Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack and Ableton Live Lite).

Two microphone and instrument preamps are included, as are two XLR / Jack Neutrik combination inputs, jack outputs, and a dedicated volume control for headphones. Additionally, it features a gain meter for controlling the input level, as well as an indication light. The frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz, with a very low total harmonic distortion (THD) of 0.002 percent on the microphone and 0.005 percent on the instrument, with a sensitivity of more than 100dB.


Amplifier JBL Stage 1200B with subwoofer GX-A3001

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedThis kit with audio amplifier is ideal for boosting the sound quality of automobile speakers. It contains, in addition to other models, the Stage 1200B subwoofer with 30cm speaker for a deep and vivid bass, as well as the essential connections for connection.

The GX-A3001 amplifier delivers 415W of power, 98dB of sensitivity, with a response frequency range of 10 to 320Hz. It features RCA inputs and a single channel design with an RMS power rating of 200W in 4 ohms and 300W in 2 ohms. The kit contains a 5m long 10mm diameter power cable, M8 and M12 ring slippers, ACU safety and safety support, 1m metal cable, and 5m RCA.

The JBL Stage 1200B subwoofer is compact and easy to install in any automobile. It delivers 250W RMS power, has a sensitivity of 91dB, a 4 ohm impedance, and a response frequency of 34 – 200Hz, making it suitable for low tones.


Pioneer GM-A3702 car audio amplifier

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedDrivers who travel frequently and wish to listen to music in the highest audio quality will undoubtedly appreciate the performance of this Pioneer vehicle audio amplifier. It is a model from the A / B class, which perfectly blends the exceptional sound quality with energy efficiency.

It operates within the frequency range of 10Hz to 70kHz, with a sensitivity of over 95dB, and a THD distortion of less than 0.05 percent, revealing the acoustic depths of the music being listened to. It features two channels, with the 2ohm channel supporting the lowest impedance, and delivers RMS power of 2x60W at 2ohm and 2x95W at 4ohm. You may use it in stereo mode or as a mono device with the bridge version.

It measures 24.6 x 6 x 18cm and weighs 1.4kg, and has been specifically designed to fit comfortably into the car’s trunk without taking up too much space. The handbook with technical specifications, the manufacturer’s guarantee, and the mounting screws are all included in the shipping box.


Alpine Amplifier BBX-T600 with Subwoofer SWT-12S4

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedAlpine BBX-T600 is a slimline class A/B vehicle audio amplifier featuring two channels, temperature control, and overvoltage safety. It features a maximum power output of 300W and an RMS power output of 50W per channel at 4 ohms and 70W per channel at 2 ohms, respectively, with less than 1% THD distortion. It is available in stereo or mono versions with bridge and features gain volume adjustment between 0 and 12dB.

It operates between 5Hz and 50kHz, has a signal-to-noise ratio of 95dB, and is available in a compact form (25 x 5.2 x 24cm, 1.9kg, provided with mounting screws).

Additionally, this package includes the Alpine SWT-12S4 subwoofer, which delivers 1000W peak power and 300W RMS, has a 4 ohm impedance, and a sensitivity of 92db / W. It has a cylindrical shape, a small design, and is supplied with mounting attachments.


Randall RH-50 TE professional audio amplifier

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedIf you are looking for a professional audio amplifier with lamp ends that provides excellent sound wave accuracy and a natural acoustic profile, we propose this Randall model. It is meant to boost the guitar’s output and features a 50W power supply.

Two channels, clean and overdrive, spring and reverb effects, as well as tone adjustments on each channel. It features two high-gain and two low-gain inputs, as well as an output to an 8 / 16 ohm external speaker of the FX Loop serial type, ensuring excellent sound transmission.

This technological version features an On/Off and Play/Standby button, as well as a strong construction with support legs and a solid handle that enables quick and safe transportation to the location you want. It provides the necessary loudness for live performance and the ability to alter the sound to give recorded tunes new forms.


HA400 Behringer

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedBecause musicians, even when they perform together, require real-time hearing of the melodic column, we offer you this Behringer professional audio amplifier for headphones. It is a model that achieves the best balance of structural simplicity and technological excellence.

The compact design features four channels, each with its own volume control, allowing each user to customize the audio strength of the playback. TRS connections – 6.3mm jack, big, stereo, input and output – are used, and the output power is roughly 40mW in 100ohms with an impedance of 80ohms.

The device is provided with a 12V DC power adapter and provides excellent audio quality for practically any type of headphones, even when used at high levels in the recording studio or on stage during live performances. The ultra-compact design provides excellent mobility and portability.


Kit for a 1000W audio amplifier:


How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedWe provide this kit with a 1000W audio amplifier for big and medium-sized music events. It has a technological idea with two channels and an RMS output of 500 watts on each channel. It features thermal protection and a cooling fan to guarantee that it operates at peak performance for extended periods of time. Each channel features an on/off switch and a volume control.

Among the technical specifications are a signal-to-noise ratio of over 76dB, an impedance of 4 ohms, and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20000Hz with less than 0.1 percent THD distortion.

The unit is equipped with XLR, RCA, and 6.3mm Jack inputs and is housed in a 19-inch casing. It produces a clear, clean, and powerful sound that is steady at both low and high frequencies. It is suitable for use on stage as well as for enhancing the acoustic quality of professional studio recordings.


Amplifier for personal computers: Kinter 006 station

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedThis kind of PC audio amplifier is perfect for boosting the sound systems in the home, whether they are DVD or MP3 players, laptop, computer, tablet, or phone. It features RCA, USB, and SD card connections for listening to your favorite music, as well as the ability to attach a microphone with its own volume control for karaoke.

It features two channels, each with a power output of 30 watts, an impedance range of 4 to 16 ohms, and a frequency response of 20 to 20000Hz, which enables precise playback of the input signals.

It features an FM radio with a frequency selection and rotary knobs for altering the sound waves (bass, treble, echo, microphone volume and general volume). Dedicated buttons manage the tunes extracted from the stick or SD card. Additionally, the station’s design includes a receiving antenna and remote control.


BST ISP-1189-A 2x500w audio amplifier kit

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedFor those interested in the acoustic reproduction quality of analog versions, we have added this model with two channels in our list of offers. It may be used in stereo or as a deck. It delivers 1000W in normal mode and 2 x 300W in RMS mode at 8 ohms and 2 x 500W in RMS mode at 4 ohms.

It is a kit consisting of two 500W class A / B audio amplifiers with a frequency response of 20Hz to 50kHz and protection against short circuit, overheating, VHF, DC, and softstart, which allows optimal performance even when the amplifier begins to heat up.

It features XLR, RCA, and 6.35mm Jack inputs and turnlock, jack, or terminal outputs to accommodate a wide variety of sound sources and sound wave broadcasting devices. Includes an On/Off switch and a volume control for each channel.


Speaker set with ZNC2023 amplifier

How an audio amplifier works -2022 updatedIf you are looking for a powerful and clear audio amplifier with indoor and outdoor party speakers, we propose the ZNC2023 set. Adjustable for low and high notes, with a dedicated volume knob for the guitar and a wired microphone, as well as a seven-band equalization.

The amplifier features two channels, an impedance range of 4 to 8 ohms, and an RMS power rating of 300W, as well as an LED display for configuring the operational settings. It reads MP3 files from a USB or SD card, connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, and has a built-in mixer.

The set features two active, floor-mounted speakers with a sturdy design reinforced with metal corners that safeguard the structure during transit and handling. They are suitable for usage in the house as well as by soloists or ensembles performing at various occasions. A pair of speakers with an integrated amplifier and a professional microphone are included in the delivery box.


Purchasing guide

The aim of amplifiers is to transmit incoming audio signals to speaker-type devices at the required level of power and loudness with the least amount of distortion feasible. They have a lengthy history and are now found in nearly anything that generates sound, from phones to laptops to televisions. However, if you choose to purchase an external one in order to enhance what you currently own, things might become rather difficult.

The purpose of this guide is to assist you in selecting the best amplifier based on how it reproduces sound, compatibility with the speakers to which it is connected, output quality, connection, and other essential technical aspects.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

The class in which the amplifier is framed indicates how the input signal is processed in order to generate the output signal. There are numerous categories, but five are sufficiently popular to warrant inclusion in this guide.

We propose that you pick an amplifier version from class A at a reasonable price if you want a model with a very high level of sound reproduction. However, bear in mind that these models have a poor efficiency rating of 20%, which means they use a lot of power, operate continually, and generate a lot of heat, necessitating extremely effective ventilation.

The B-class versions are more efficient in terms of power consumption, but are more prone to distortion and have lower sound quality.

As predicted, the A / B class combines the best of both worlds, maintaining the precision of type A variations while improving energy efficiency. They are frequently utilized in home audio systems and automobile stereo systems.

The G and H versions allow for supplementing the power utilized to create the output when the received sound signal’s strength demands it, while maintaining a level of energy efficiency comparable to the A / B variants.

The variations in category D achieve the maximum energy efficiency, up to 80 percent, by wasting less electricity and producing less heat. They are more smaller, lighter, and more pleasant to use, and provide high-quality sound.

However, for the most discerning, we want this technological version to perform admirably on low waves while having difficulty reproducing loud sounds properly.

Compatibility: One of the factors to consider when selecting the right model for your electrical equipment is the RMS power (root mean square or average). This must not exceed the figure specified on the speaker or speakers with which you utilize it, regardless of whether we are talking about headphones, laptop speakers, or vehicle speakers.

For example, if you have a single 100 watt speaker, we suggest an amplifier with an RMS power of between 80 and 100 watts; for two 100 watt headphones, we recommend 150 – 200 watts; and for three 100 watt speakers, we recommend between 200 and 300 watts.

To ensure proper pairing, you must determine the RMS value sent by both the speakers and the amplifiers.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

The number of channels indicates the number of outputs or speakers that the device can support. If you are using two speakers and a subwoofer, you will need a three- or four-channel model. Additionally, the impedance or resistance of the circuits is required for proper connection.

As a general guideline, you should use a speaker that has an ohmic value between 8 and 10 times that of the amplifier. For instance, if you are using 200ohm headphones, you will require a 20-25ohm model.

Along with the speaker’s acoustic sensitivity, the impedance of the speaker might indicate whether or not you require a low-cost amplifier to boost the sound. In general, such an increase is necessary when the impedance is large (more than 100 ohms) or the sensitivity is poor (below 100-110dB).

Frequency and distortion: The response frequency indicates the amplifier’s ability to reproduce sounds over the whole human hearing range, from deep bass acoustics at 20Hz to the highest treble at 20000Hz.

A low amount of distortion results in a clear sound that is extremely near to the signal that entered the device. Numerous reviews of the finest amplifiers advocate units with up to 0.5 percent THD (total harmonic distortion).

If you are unsure whether to go with analog or digital amplifiers, we can tell you that both provide a balanced combination of advantages and disadvantages.

The analog varieties are favored for their warm, genuine sound. The circuits’ simplicity also makes them easier to fix for people experienced in electronics. On the other hand, they can be more expensive than digital ones and can overheat more quickly with prolonged usage.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

While digital versions are more recent, they have advanced sufficiently to give accurate sound reproduction and are frequently more inexpensive, making them easier to replace and therefore offsetting the difficulties of repair.

Additionally, the decision is dependent on the kind of source signal; for laptops, MP3 players, televisions, and smartphones, a digital amplifier or an analog model with DAC is advised (digital to analog converter).

Fixed or portable: A fixed version is ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time at the office and listen to music while working or who want an amplifier for their home media system.

Rather than that, if you want to boost the performance of the headphones you use on the road, the finest amplifier model will be tiny and portable.

The operation of an audio amplifier

If you are concerned with acquiring as much technical knowledge as possible, you will undoubtedly want to understand how an audio amplifier works. In this article, you will learn enough about the subject to get started and, if you are a sound quality connoisseur, you will learn how to choose the appropriate equipment for you.

Although it is a device that you use and have at hand, you may not know how an audio amplifier works and you can document yourself in this article. Amplification is a term that refers to an electromagnetic or electrical component that is designed to stimulate an electrical signal.

The gain of an amplifier is defined as the ratio of the input signal to the output signal; in other words, an amplifier with a gain of 2 twice the input signal. Gain is defined in decibels (dB) and is determined by the manufacturer for audio amplifier models.


Amplifier distortions

Along with boosting the strength of an electrical signal, an amplifier must address additional critical issues such as correct replication of the input signal, even if it varies and is not constant in terms of frequency and amplitude (eg loudness for audio amplifiers).

An audio amplifier performs better at certain frequencies and not at others, and the frequency range across which it operates is referred to as the bandwidth. If the amplifier’s input and output frequencies are not precisely reproduced, it exhibits a nonlinear frequency response, amplifying certain sounds more than others. Occasionally, this can be accomplished deliberately; for example, with extremely tiny headphones, the bass is enhanced differentially.

In principle, a representation of the output signal would be completely linear; but, in fact, the output signal’s form would differ from that at the input, a phenomenon known as distortion.

Distortions can be linear or frequency-dependent, caused by variations in the amplification coefficients, or nonlinear, caused by the amplification process itself. They occur primarily because the audio devices used do not exhibit linear characteristics, and additional harmonies appear that alter the shape of the output signal.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

What exactly is feedback?

Those who work in the sphere of entertainment, particularly in concert organization, are extremely familiar with this word, which is manifested by a deafening sound.

This is because the stage microphones were not correctly positioned, either turned or too close to a speaker. In this instance, the microphone will also pick up on the speaker’s signal, which it will amplify, producing that extremely unpleasant and loud sound.

Amplifiers of various types

There are several audio amplifiers on the market, and to make it simpler to locate a suitable variation, they are classified according to certain characteristics.

Thus, depending on certain characteristics, such as voltage, power, and current, you have several options, including: conventional amplifiers – where the gain is the ratio of the input and output voltages; transconductance amplifiers – useful when you want an output current proportional to the input voltage; or a resistance amplifier, which is the polar opposite of a transconducting amplifier and has an output voltage proportional to the incoming current.

Additionally, amplifiers can be categorized according to their operating frequency, with the band in which they work optimally noted. Thus, the audio waves you perceive span a very broad frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 kHz. The amplifiers are constructed in such a way that they perform optimally in a specific frequency band, and because the manufacturer explicitly specifies the band, you may pick what you need.

Another categorization, based on certain properties, is denoted by capital letters of the alphabet or combinations of capital letters, identifying several classes of amplifiers from which you may pick based on your objectives: win, linearity, or efficiency.

Thus, class A amplifiers are typically focused on linearity, providing the highest output quality with the least distortion, but they are also bigger, heavier, hotter, and less efficient to achieve these objectives. In class B, you will find some of the most convenient models in terms of price, efficiency, and linearity. To reconcile the two features of the aforementioned classes, class AB was introduced as a compromise approach, combining the linearity of class A with the efficiency of class B.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

The C-Class is distinguished by a significantly higher efficiency rating than prior models, at over 80%, and a high-performance sound quality. Regrettably, the distortion levels of amplifiers in this category are significantly greater, which is why they are employed less frequently.

Other groups of criteria, such as D, E, F, GH, I, S, and T, have arisen more recently, though they are less often employed. Those in class T are particularly interesting since they are contemporary, have a very clear sound, and are significantly more expensive than those in the other classes displayed. A more handy choice are those of the GH class, which are more affordable and yield up to 80%.

Amplifiers can also be classified structurally; there are models with vacuum tubes, which were among the first models and were inefficient, large in size, and despite the fact that they emitted numerous distortions, they fell into the category of even order, being registered as very pleasant by the auditor; there are models with solid-state transistors, which were among the first models and were inefficient, large in size, and despite the fact that they emitted numerous distortions, they fell into the category of even order Around the 1950s and 1960s, transistors changed audio technology, but they amplified all input signals equally, incorporating background noise; since the 1980s, we have progressed to sophisticated integrated circuits that selectively amplify, eliminating background noise.

The first amplifier using vacuum tubes in a triangle debuted in 1908, with the first patent registered in the United States of America. It belonged to Lee de Forest, an engineer and physicist who desired to build a radio. It is regarded the “father” of the amplifier and evolved from it, becoming indispensable in a wide variety of areas, but particularly well-represented and well-known in the audio field.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

Frequently asked questions

Is it more cost effective to purchase a secondhand audio amplifier? – Justifications for and against

If you are looking for a low-cost yet high-quality amplifier for headphones or speakers, you are almost certainly going to seek for used models. When comparing new and used models, it is necessary to examine many key factors, including the price, the degree of wear on the product and model, the potential of obtaining a warranty, and the ability to test the product beforehand.

In terms of pricing, you will truly save money by purchasing a used model, especially if it is a model that is at least a year old and is no longer regarded to be the newest generation. Prices might go up to 40%-60% of the market in some instances.

However, this benefit comes with the danger of purchasing a faulty device that requires repair, particularly if you order online and do not have the opportunity to test it. In such purchases, speakers and amplifiers are regarded to be items with a medium to low risk level.

However, the experts urge that you carefully choose vendors, preferring those who are enthusiastic about music over amateurs, and that you ask as many questions as possible regarding the goods.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

Is it possible to locate the audio amplifier scheme online?

You can readily obtain audio amplifier schematics online, either as an image or as a pdf file with a download option. Most provide implementation details, and you can also utilize numerous video tutorials to help you grasp the notations.

What use does an audio amplifier serve in conjunction with a mixer?

You will require a mixer amplifier model if you wish to work with many audio inputs and combine them into one or more outputs, depending on the possibilities.

Is it OK to improvise a casing for the audio amplifier?

If you have the requisite experience building an amplifier from separately purchased components or if the original casing is severely damaged, you may simply improvise a case. You can easily find guides on the Internet that will take you through the process of creating a cardboard, wood, or even metal version, depending on the resources accessible to you.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

What does the term “class D audio amplifier kit” refer to?

A module with a class D audio amplifier is also available in an analog form, often using transistors, that is more energy efficient than the A, B, and A / B versions.

These products are smaller, lighter, and incorporate technology that minimizes heat dissipation via heat, resulting in an efficiency of up to 80%, which implies that only 20% of the current entering an amplifier is converted to thermal effect.

As with versions A, B, and A / B, the kits contain connecting cables, speakers, microphones, and / or headphones for real-time monitoring of the processed sound.

How to properly connect an audio amplifier to a pair of speakers purchased separately

For those inexperienced with the operation of such a device, even simplified management systems on amplifiers might appear difficult, especially when purchased separately from the speakers.

In this instance, in addition to the operational parameters that indicate the device’s performance, you must also consider the device’s compatibility with the speakers.

Discover in the lines below the fundamental components you must consider when properly connecting the speakers to the audio amplifier.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated


This word refers to a device’s resistance to current flow and is measured in ohms ().

The impedance value is specified in the technical specifications of the amplifier, often as an interval, such as 8 – 12 ohms, and of the speakers, which typically have an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms.

A basic rule of thumb is that the ideal amplifiers for your speakers will have impedance values that are less than or equal to those of the speakers.

The authority

The simplest approach to determine the correct amplifier version for your speakers or the finest speakers for the amplifier you currently own is to examine the speakers’ technical specs to determine the suggested power.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

However, it is critical to understand that what you are interested in is the average continuous power, denoted by RMS, which represents the amplifier’s energy output most of the time, not Peak Power, which represents the amplifier’s occasional values, milliseconds, generated to respond to the needs of digital devices such as laptops or smart TVs.


Alternatively, the sound pressure level (SPL) is expressed in decibels (dB) and indicates the volume of a speaker when placed 1 meter away from it and powered by 1 watt. For example, at the same distance, a speaker with an 84dB SPL will sound slower than one with a 91dB SPL. According to experts, you only require an amplifier if these levels are less than 100dB.

What you should keep in mind while making your selection is that this gadget requires double the power to achieve a 3dB increase in SPL. Therefore, if your speakers produce 85dB and you need 100dB, you will require ten watts.

Another factor to consider is the distance from where you are listening to music, as the sound is lowered by 6dB for every doubling of the distance. Thus, a 100dB speaker will produce 94dB at 2m, 88dB at 4m, and 82dB at 8m, and so on.

Which is why, in a 400sqm club, a kit with a greater power audio amplifier is required than in a residence with maximum 23sqm rooms.

Channel count

If you have two speakers, you will need a two-channel amplifier; if you have two speakers plus a subwoofer, you will need a three- or four-channel amplifier; and if you have four speakers, you will need a four-channel amplifier. As a result, it is a good idea to plan ahead and determine how many speaker-type devices you will utilize.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated

The top ten audio amplifier brands

A critical factor in selecting an audio amplifier is the brand, which distinguishes a high-quality product from a lesser-quality one, and you can choose from a variety of top manufacturers who guarantee a high-performance product at an affordable price, allowing you to maximize the enjoyment of your investment.

If you want an audio amplifier for conducting quality auditions, you should be aware of the following criteria: the number of channels – mono, dual, or many; impedance in ohms – impedance at normal input and output; RMS power (W) – medium power between 50 and 100 watts, high power between 100 and 150 watts, or very high power between 400 and 500 watts; frequency band – for residential and professional use.

As technology evolves daily and there are regular changes in this sector that result in gadget development, it is prudent to focus on well-known companies that provide the newest equipment so that you may make the best decision for you. Several firms on which you may trust while making such a purchase are listed below.


Denon products have achieved their high level of performance via years of invention, collaboration with elite engineering talent, and the marriage of love, art, and technology. It is a Japanese corporation formed in 1910. Its products include wireless speakers, home cinema, compact systems, portable audio systems, and hi-fi. With extensive expertise in the industry and a focus on accuracy and performance, this company’s goods come with a guarantee of quality.


Founded in 1953 in the United States of America as a tiny home business, the firm saw rapid growth in the 1970s, creating high-fidelity audio systems and is now headquartered in Japan. You may select from a variety of audio amplifiers, including those with two or more input channels (5, 7, etc. ), as well as those with high fidelity, which may be an optimum alternative and should be considered when choosing such a device.


A brand that no longer requires introduction due to its widespread recognition both globally and on the Romanian market for the items supplied. The company offers a broad range of audio products, including amplifiers (power, integrated stereo, and preamplifiers), a variety of speaker types (center, shelf, ceiling, surround systems, subwoofer, and soundbar), minisystems, receivers, headphones, and players, as well as a variety of accessories.

Beginning with the creation of sound in 1900, with the firm’s first piano, it did not take long for the company to provide sound reproduction systems in 1922, becoming a pioneer in a variety of sectors, but particularly in audio equipment.


If you are looking for the finest audio amplifier, you can not afford to overlook the goods supplied by this firm. Innovation, enthusiasm, and cutting-edge technology are just a few of the elements that contribute to the goods’ dominance in the audio industry, with a diverse variety of equipment including home theater, components, and hi-fi systems; headphones; and numerous types of audio amplifiers.

Since 1970, the firm has been quickly expanding in Europe, with branches in virtually every country. In 1938, the firm was formed in Japan.

Audio Dayton

With over two decades of expertise, the firm was formed in the United States and quickly became renowned globally for high-quality audio products that emphasize innovation, quality, and affordability. They achieve a perfect balance between art and technology via the goods they offer, providing solutions that frequently exceed their clients’ expectations. Additionally, it offers a range of audio amplifiers, some of which sport a more unique, modern, compact design and include high-performance capabilities at an inexpensive price.How an audio amplifier works -2022 updated


It is an Italian firm formed in 1995 that delivers high-quality products at reasonable rates on the global audio market. As for audio amplifiers, they may be used in fixed systems, small or medium-sized installations, and have a variable number of channels that can be tailored to specific demands via the use of proprietary technologies and their own software that assists in channel management. to maximize the quality of the speakers.


With over five decades of expertise, the firm was founded in the United States of America and has grown to be a world-renowned pioneer in professional audio – video solutions, offering audio power amplifiers, speakers, digital signal processors, and digital mixers. The great majority of items are manufactured in the United States, allowing for complete control and streamlining of the technical process, while maintaining an excellent level of product quality.


The firm, which is a subsidiary of the Harman Corporation, was formed in 1947 in the United States and quickly rose to prominence as a world leader in the amplified sound industry. It provides professional solutions for theaters, tourism platforms, and other commercial establishments, as well as consumer goods for the home. He invented the first tape recorder with an integrated power amplifier in 1949 and the first solid-state amplifier in 1964, making him a pioneer in the audio sector.

With dependable and creative goods, the firm solidifies its market position, frequently exceeding the expectations of its customers. This company’s amplifiers are developed and manufactured to the industry’s highest quality standards, providing the equipment necessary for the sound applications of the twenty-first century.

Laboratory Group

This firm was founded in 1979 in Sweden as a result of two young people’s love for electronics. Through the development of new and creative solutions throughout time, the firm has established a reputation in the audio industry, with high-quality products designed to generate high-quality sound that satisfy the most demanding audio applications in the digital network.


If you want a high-quality sound system for a specific place such as schools, restaurants, hotels, classrooms, or churches, but also for your house, do not shy away from this brand’s goods. The current versions of audio amplifiers provide a significant advantage over previous models, including the ability to connect to any type of speaker, configurable outputs on each channel, Ethernet control, and the ability to plan different events. The firm has almost 45 years of expertise, having been formed in the United States of America in 1974.

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