Eight songs for double bass

We have selected a few double bass tracks for you to try solo or in collaboration with other instrumentalists. Some are drawn from or inspired by modern international music, while others are drawn from the more or less well-known classical canon. Although not all of them will be suitable for you, you have the opportunity to discover and experiment.

While there are a limited number of pieces written specifically for double bass, experienced double bass players are always adaptive and can employ their own themes and improvisations, as is the case in jazz, or draw from the repertoires of other instruments or current pop tunes. The following are some examples:

You are concealing something – Holly Cole

Cole’s Ode to the Night was lauded and performed by a slew of jazz greats.

Have a Secret is the lead single from Cole’s forthcoming studio album, Night, his first since 2007. His powerful and engaging voice is expertly complemented by the double bass, which transports you to a mystery environment by pressing your fingers firmly against the strings throughout this amazing complete composition.Eight songs for double bass

Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones

Although the song Thread Warp Theme or Theme from the main title Warp of Thrones has achieved commercial success, this does not diminish its uniqueness. Ramin Djawadi, a German composer with a distinguished career in film music composition, created the musical composition associated with the award-winning numerous television series. Among his works include soundtracks for films like as Iron Man, Clash of Titans, and Pacific Rim, as well as television series such as Prison Break or Person of Interest.

The song I proposed to you was created at the producers’ request, who insisted on using instruments other than those overused in other films such as Fantasy. Due to the blacklisting of the flute and violin, it was the cello that seized the opportunity and established itself as the primary instrument. It is past time for him to be dethroned!

George Gershwin’s Summertime

A song composed by the renowned American musician for the 1935 opera Porgy & Bess was played and reinterpreted by practically every major jazz musician, as well as numerous R&B and pop-rock artists. We might easily name a few who inspire us: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Willie Nelson, and Janis Joplin. Due to the abundance of enormous models, you may either choose an arrangement that suits you or attempt an inspired solo.

It is frequently heard in arrangements for string quartets or in conjunction with cello or piano. Even Anne Sophie Mutter, the internationally renowned German violinist, has an interpretation for the instrument she plays.

Eight songs for double bass

Harold Arlen’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It is another song from the American continent that was initially produced for the film The Wizard of Oz’s soundtrack. It has the advantage of being well-known and adaptable to solo performances as well as adaptations for numerous instruments. Additionally, because it is so popular, it may be used by both seasoned performers and beginners.

When it comes to finding the appropriate accompaniment for this song, you have a good chance of finding someone who can assist you instrumentally. Those who have developed a greater trust in their own interpretative ability can readily improvise with the musical snippet.

The Beetle’s Flight – Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

For those who believe they have mastered the instrument and wish to attempt something more controversial, this interlude from the 1899-1900 opera The Story of the Saltan Tsar is a true test. Although the fragment was not a significant component of the work, it achieved widespread popularity and penetrated popular culture. Other double bass players attempted to wow their audience as well, and some succeeded.

Lev Weksler, a professional double bass player, became embroiled in controversy over a work he performs in a double arrangement, being accused of faking his performance. However, if other bassists indicate that it is possible, you could give it a try. Manowar’s bassist (Joe DeMaio) and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra also attempted to demonstrate their abilities with this little gem.

Astor Piazzolla’s Three Tangos for Violin and Double Bass

Astor Piazzola, an Argentine performer and composer, is best known as an accordion player and the inventor of a new musical style inspired by Argentina’s musical legacy, nuevo tango. One of the most representative fragments from its composition in terms of double bass use is this one, in which the double bass and violin portray the passionate roles of tango dance.

Due to the play’s distinctive drama for tango, it demonstrates the interpretive options available to those who accept the challenge. Of course, a tango requires two people, which may pose an issue.

Piazzola is particularly well-known for his attempts to combine disparate instruments in a single arrangement, creating a new musical image. Among them, the arrangements for double bass, accordion, piano, and violin may pique your interest, and once you have attempted this duet, you may move on to other Piazzola compositions.

Eight songs for double bass

Dmitri Sostakovich – 2 violin pieces

For the majority, Sostakovich is limited to a few popular bits, but his work covers more than half a century. He is remembered as one of the most significant Russian composers and a producer of compositions in a variety of forms. He left a legacy that included a huge number of symphonies, as well as several pieces for chamber orchestras and smaller ensembles. Sostakovich continues to be a touchstone for interpretive art.

Although the piece we recommend is for the violin, it is not necessary to begin with the violin. It was resurrected and performed by two professional double bassists, Hal Robinson and Joe Conyerst, both of whom are members of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello Suite No. 1

Because we have been delving deeper into the sources of music, you could also try this piece of music, which was composed between 1717 and 1723, during a period when string instruments were experiencing a surge in popularity. Perhaps this is the era when the cello’s effect on the double bass is most apparent. For those who own a 4/4 double bass, this composition should be rather simple to approach.

Because the song is so well-known, the variations will feel natural and will have an effect on the listeners. As an illustration, consider the performance of Jeff Bradetich, a double bass teacher with over 400 ongoing concerts and one of the instrument’s best artists.


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