best sound cards for gaming 2022

Gamers don’t just pick random components for their PCs; they consider a variety of factors, including the brand. ASUS, Creative Technology, HT Omega, StarTech, and KYE Systems Corp. are just a few of the well-known companies that sell such things (Genius).

Do you want to learn about some of the most well-known brands that produce sound cards for gamers and learn more about them? Continue to read this manual.


In 1990, the ASUS brand, the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer, commenced operations in Taiwan. Pegasus, a winged horse from Greek mythology who represents creative inspiration and learning, is part of the name.

This brand’s products are designed to provide the highest performance as well as a pleasing aesthetic. They’ve been put through their paces in a variety of challenging situations to ensure that they can resist whatever you throw at them. ASUS offers a wide range of products, including tablets, laptops, and PCs, as well as sound cards, motherboards, and networking.

The company’s aim is to provide cutting-edge IT solutions, and to that end, it invests in R&D, prioritizes quality, maintains positive connections with customers, consumers, partners, and workers, and perseveres in what it does.

This company believes that five characteristics are necessary for harmonic development and strong employee relations: accountability, integrity, diligence, agility, and courage. She values everything that has to do with invention and beauty, and she goes out of her way to satisfy her.

Technology that is innovative

In 1981, two childhood friends and schoolmates, Sim Wong Hoo and Ng Kai Wa, founded a computer repair firm in Singapore. An extra memory card for the Apple II was the company’s first major product. A few months later, an attempt was made to offer Cubic CT, a PC expressly designed for the Chinese language, but it was unsuccessful, resulting in the loss of the $ 500,000 invested in its creation.Best sound cards for gaming 2022

Even though it has had a number of negative occurrences over the years, all have been successfully conquered, and Creative Technology is now a global technology firm with offices in Silicon Valley, Dublin, Tokyo, and Shanghai, as well as a global leader in the digital entertainment market.

Sound cards, video cards, PCs, and other related devices are among the products available. They are designed to appear as attractive as possible while also performing well, making them a true treat for clients. They are found in approximately 80 countries throughout the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Omega HT

This name is likely familiar to you, as it pioneered a number of essential items, including Dolby encoded sound cards and integrated headphone amplifiers. Howard An, the company’s creator, launched it in 2005 in Ontario, California.Best sound cards for gaming 2022

HT Omega designs and manufactures hardware components and multimedia accessories for both personal computers and commercial PCs. It sells high-quality sound cards based on Dolby Digital and DTS technologies, which are particularly popular among gamers. It was the first brand to provide 24-bit (192 kHz) sound cards to the market.

A Research-Development section exists to provide customers with the best goods possible, and only high-quality components are employed. Before being put on the market, the things are thoroughly tested, are dependable, and have a unique design.


StarTech is first introduced on the market in 1985. It was developed in the early 1980s by two students named Paul Seed and Ken Kalopsis who met at the University of Western Ontario in London. Initially, they were known as StarTech Computer Accessories, and they had a shaky start, selling protective screens for PCs that were built in a basement.Best sound cards for gaming 2022

The company has grown into a global manufacturer with over 3000 goods on the market, including: all types of cables and adapters, sound cards, HDD accessories, PC sources, cooling fans for computers, servers, peripherals, and so on, thanks to perseverance and a desire to become recognized.

The company’s headquarters are currently located in London, however distribution locations may be found in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. The items are sold on five continents throughout the world.

KYE Systems Corp. is a company that specializes in information technology (Genius)

KYE System Corp. was founded in Taiwan in 1983, and it now has offices in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, and China, as well as manufacturing products for Microsoft and HP. This company mostly sells computer peripherals and accessories.

Although the name Genius may not reveal much, it is probable that you are familiar with it. The latter is a brand owned by KYE Systems, which was formed in 1985 with a mouse as its debut product.

Genius sells high-quality things that are designed to be simple to use and provide a pleasant experience for every customer. It is dedicated to providing high-quality products that exceed client expectations, and it invests much in R&D to achieve this goal.

So, if you’re in the market for a sound card, as well as other computer accessories or parts, look for these companies, which will exceed your expectations.

Also, don’t forget about a crucial point: internet businesses make purchasing the most convenient. You will not only save time since you will not have to race through stores, but you will also save money because you will be able to take advantage of a variety of discounts. At the same time, the product range is much easier to research, and you may visit a lot of sites in a short period of time.

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