6 vinyl discs collection albums you need to know

Many music fans prefer to listen to their favourite albums on vinyl because of the superior sound quality, and they strive to add to their collection every year by purchasing great albums, either new or used.

It was expected that the generation that grew up with vinyl records would continue to enjoy them, but the younger generation began to look for their favourite bands on records more and more frequently, whether they learned from their parents or listened to friends, and were delighted by the particularly warm sound. Some recordings have increased in value over time, particularly those that were released in limited editions, had undamaged covers, and were stored in good condition.

For enthusiastic collectors, there are numerous albums that have a high market worth due to the weight with which they can be purchased, and we’ve included a few of them below.


It’s one of the most intriguing vinyls since the artist had many recording sessions with two separate bands, one backup, and tracks that should not have been on the album but were added by mistake. This was the artist’s second album, and the majority of the songs were based on Bob Dylan’s lyrics, merging political statements with love songs for a more balanced composition.6 vinyl discs collection albums you need to know

Despite the fact that the Columbia record label indicated that the first records were destroyed, some children with the four missing pieces appeared over time, making this one of the most sought for vinyls by collectors. There are additional versions with alternative song sequences, as well as a Canadian album. The earliest LPs published are extremely rare and precious, with the first one selling for $35,000 dollars.


Because it is a double album with simple white covers with no extra graphic or text features, only the band’s name in relief, the ninth album of the famous British rock band is also known as the white album. The majority of the songs on this album were written during a transcendental meditation training, and despite unfavourable reviews, the album sold well and soon rose to the top of the charts.

AppleRecords issued the disc, which was the final to include both mono and stereo recordings. The first albums with short serial numbers are particularly valuable: in 2008, the number 0000005 was sold for 19,201 pounds on ebay, while in 2015, the number 0000001, which belonged to Ringo Star, was sold at auction for $ 790,000.


This was the famed artist’s eighth studio album, which was published by RCA Records. Bowie was inspired by George Orwell’s classic novel 1984, just like the theme.

The artist was depicted in a strange fashion, half human, half dog, with the genitals visible on the first cover, which sparked a lot of debate at the time of release. As a result, the album was pulled from the market and re-released with a new cover that eliminated the genitals. However, a few records stayed in circulation and have a sizable market share today; in 2003, a copy was auctioned on ebay for $ 3,550.


A&M Records inked a contract with the famous punk rock band from England for this album. The record company cancelled the contract after only 6 days due to their actions, and ordered the destruction of all 25,000 copies printed.

Despite all of the restrictions, a few copies slipped through the cracks and made their way into circulation, bearing the number 7284 engraved twice on section B as well as the A&M Records logo. The nine copies that have been released thus far have a large market share, with some selling for over 10,000 pounds in the United Kingdom.


When this record, which had two tracks on one side, was issued, it featured a graphic depicting police violence during the 1968 Chicago National Democratic Convention riots. The controversial cover was pulled off the market, leaving only a handful copies in circulation (10-18 pieces). Due to its rarity, collectors prize it and sell it for high prices ($ 17,000).6 vinyl discs collection albums you need to know


The first 1,000 copies of this album were sold to Seattle fans, and it included two songs recorded by the famed rock band Nirvana. It was Sub Pop’s first studio album, released in 1989. Because there are a limited number, the price is more than the initial price. However, these are not the most sought-after copies of this album; there is also a reissue, 20 years after its first release, in a luxury edition by the same record label, limited to 500 numbered pieces, which can be sold for $1500 each.

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