6 secrets and ideas of a vinyl discs collector

Although technology has evolved and new audio media have appeared, vinyl records have not lost their fans, there are still countless collectors who prefer to listen to pickup music, vinyls have better audio quality and, not compressed, offer a quality audition, with countless sound delights.

The most ardent music collectors prefer to listen to vinyl, instead of audio CDs that have applied various compressions that lower the sound quality. Collectors have a number of secrets that help them make the right choices and keep their vinyl records in good condition for long periods of time, and if you've just started flirting with this hobby, you still have some very useful tips.

How do you know what kind of vinyl it is?

The new vinyls can be both in analog format like the old ones, and from the digital format, but which keeps a better recording quality than the one on CDs. On the cover you can read data about this aspect (generally analog or digital master). If you generally like to listen to jazz, classical music, blues then it is worth investing in older vinyls to be able to enjoy all the sound variations offered by an analog format, but for newer pop bands, it is not worth an investment. additional, being able to choose new vinyls.

6 secrets and ideas of a vinyl discs collector

Vinyl standards

In terms of size and playback speed there are two main main standards, namely: discs in LP format (long play, lasting about 23 minutes per disc) which has a size of 30 cm (12 inches) on diagonal and which is listened to at a speed of 33 ⅓ rotations per minute; and discs in single format (one track), with a size of 17.5 cm (7 inches) in diameter and which is listened to at a speed of 45 rotations per minute. The speed is of interest to be able to set the pickup and is written even on the disc.

Where do the price differences for the same disc come from

Many times, you see that the same disc apparently appears at different prices and you do not understand what the difference is? This is the release date. Thus, the year of origin is very important, as well as the country in which it is produced, with Japan, England, Holland and Germany in the first places. The first 1000 pieces produced can be in different colors and even with pictures inserted on the disc, these being intended for the most passionate collectors. There can also be vinyls weighing more than usual, 180 grams, which ensures better stability on the turntable and therefore a better performance.

Because there are many no name companies that have reproduced vinyls, you have to be very careful, especially when you want to choose a limited edition disc, which has a high price. You can check on the discogs.com website the details related to the chosen disc, regarding the year, the country in which it was produced and its series.

Which pick-up to choose?

In order to benefit from all the qualities of a quality vinyl, you must also choose the best pick-up , which can reproduce the sound at a high-performance level. Thus, it chooses according to its performances and only then according to the design. Go for a solid, stable model, on which even the heaviest discs do not balance, with a high-performance disc reading head (dose, needle). In addition, you will also need an amplifier, cables, and a quality audio system.

How do you choose an old disc?

You will buy most of the collection from specialty stores, but if you are a fan of rare records, first editions, etc., then you will certainly go to the big vinyl fairs that take place everywhere, those with top products. and preferred by collectors being in the Netherlands and Germany.

If you go on a treasure hunt, especially vinyls in analog format, be very careful when checking the product. Thus, the first aspect is the stage it is in, check that it is not stained with liquid, wavy due to prolonged exposure to the sun, scratched, full of dust, etc. Some defects can be easily remedied such as dust or spilled liquids with a special cloth, but others severely affect quality, such as corrugated discs that can no longer be used, and scratched ones where the quality of hearing will suffer greatly.

A quality and well-kept cover can raise the price of the product. Check the year and country of origin to make sure it is a branded product.

6 secrets and ideas of a vinyl discs collector

How do you maintain your collection?

It is true that you have to pay special attention to the vinyl collection, which generally does not bother the passionate ones, who have a great pleasure to take care of the records. First of all, be careful where and how you store them. The most suitable is a special support for them, a little higher from the ground level to protect them from certain accidentally spilled liquids, and to allow a vertical arrangement of them. Placed vertically, they keep much better, and in addition, you can easily see them when you want to choose a specific one for auditioning.

To keep them in good shape for as long as possible, you can purchase a special cleaning kit, in liquid form, to remove dirt and fingerprints from the surface of the disc, using a soft cloth and a dust brush. It is advisable to clean them before each use, in order to enjoy a clean and distortion-free sound caused by dust particles or dirt.

A collection of vinyl records is a reason for pride and joy for every collector, to listen to their favorite music at a good quality and without compression, which leads to the elimination of sounds from the original song. Even if the amounts invested can be higher, the investment is long-term, because if the vinyls are carefully stored and maintained, you will be able to enjoy your collection for a long time and you will be able to recover your money, in case you decide to sell.

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