5 items you will need if you are serious about vlogging

Have you heard about vlogging and wish to start a YouTube channel to spread your message? From cooking recipes and fashion suggestions to specialist lessons, this kind of information communication is widespread enough nowadays to justify the investment in the few necessary equipment.


Since 2011, when it was widely embraced by children and teenagers, vlogging achieved a zenith in 2016, when a sufficient number of individuals decided that this mode of communication is worth their time and money. However, having skill and creative ideas is insufficient for this sort of online project, since it is a sector where technology does half the job and determines excellence.


5 items you will need if you are serious about vlogging

Because vlogging is short for video blogging, it is obvious that the first and most critical piece of equipment you will need is a video camera capable of producing acceptable quality recordings. Depending on your budget, you can begin with a laptop or a smartphone camera.

Choose carefully between these two devices, since while the laptop may appear to be more convenient to use, the camera on the phone is frequently superior. Additionally, the smartphone provides greater mobility, particularly if the registered subjects include lessons with actual examples.

Once you are comfortable with vlogging and certain that it is not a passing fancy, we recommend investing in a DSLR. Professional image quality will aid in your ability to acquire and maintain followers. A model with an 8-megapixel sensor is sufficient, as is one with a foldable screen, stabilization on the body and/or lens, adequate magnification, but not excessively so, especially while shooting inside, and a bright lens.

If your budget does not allow for a DSLR, you may alternatively choose for a mirrorless model, which has somewhat smaller proportions and may be more suited for frequent travel.


Stability and assistance

Once you have acquired your video component, it is critical to invest in a solution that securely mounts the camera, whether it be a DSLR, mirrorless, or smartphone camera. A secure stance translates into a crisp image and a professional look. The tripod that is used is determined by the recording environment and the weight of the video equipment being utilized. For the workplace, you may use a tiny tripod; however, avoid extremely inexpensive models, as they will not provide adequate stability.

If the camera is to be placed inside and weighs less than 1 kg, virtually any model will suffice; nevertheless, for external or larger devices, you must seek for models with the appropriate technological characteristics.

Pay specific attention to the adaptability that such a system provides. The height change interval and camera tilt angle are critical if you are not a YouTuber who sits in front of a computer all day.


Excellent illumination

It is just to have taken a few photographs with your phone to instinctively understand how critical light is to capturing a high-quality shot. Ideally, the location in which you work should allow you to position yourself so that you can take advantage of natural light while recording. But what if it is foggy outdoors or you have been busy all day and you need to capture the light bulb in artificial light?

Experts propose investing in a video lamp to give the necessary illumination. There are tiny format versions that may be loaded from the phone and attached beside it in tripods that support this attachment.

If your budget allows and you do not want mobility, you might opt for bigger models with floor support. Consider getting two goods that can be positioned left-right, at a 45-degree angle, to squeeze in as much as feasible.

If you utilize a green background behind you, you must exercise extra caution. To accomplish its work properly and to allow it to be replaced with whatever pictures you choose in the video, it must be lit as uniformly as possible.

5 items you will need if you are serious about vlogging


If you have ever listened to a lesson with bad sound quality, you are probably more concerned with this element than with the visual quality. From background noise to writing that is too tiny to see clearly, audio elements must be managed to ensure that visitors have a comfortable and efficient viewing experience.

The optimal approach is to utilize an external microphone to assist you in clearly recording your speech and removing undesirable components. You do not require an astereo microphone; a shotgun or lavalier model would suffice. We recommend the shotgun if there is background noise in the recording environment, whether it originates from the outside or from multiple sources within.

These microphones have a tubular form, are long and narrow, and pick up sound exclusively from the direction in which they are pointed, thus isolating anything behind and to the sides. However, be cautious of the background sound level behind you, because if the microphone is directed towards you, it will catch up on anything between you and the microphone, as well as directly behind you.

If you want mobility, lavalier alternatives are perfect. While shotgun versions require a fastening method, washers are put on clothing and are available wirelessly, with the transmitter attached to the carrier, allowing for mobility across the room.

They are advised for vloggers that require a broader deployment framework and do not sit in a chair for the duration of the recording, as the lavalier’s primary function would be lost.


Editing video

Regardless of how well you prepare for the filming, you will almost always want video editing software to assist you finish the content and repair any errors.

The majority of laptops offer simple applications for this purpose. If you believe you want further information, we propose that you conduct an Internet search for the most highly recommended alternatives this year.

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