12 essential albums to have in vinyl format

For the nostalgic, who like to listen to fine music on vinyl in a leisurely setting, alone or with a small group of friends, we have compiled a list of some titles that merit a position in the personal collection owing to their more unique characteristics.

There are a number of vinyl albums that are regarded remarkable by audiophiles owing to the aspects that contribute to its uniqueness, including outstanding sound, a distinctive production, mastering, and the inclusion of genuine works of art. Some are rare or premium versions; they will nicely complement your collection and provide happy moments whenever you hear them.

Merriweather Post Pavillion – Animal Collective (MPP)

It is the American band Animal Collective’s eighth studio album, released in 2009 on vinyl and CD. It immediately rose to the top of the charts, selling over 20,000 copies by 2012. It is a fusion of many types of pop, rock, and electronic music with safari music that, while technologically advanced, has a very human quality that catches the listener’s attention in an unexpected and extremely pleasant way.

Paul’s Boutique – Beastie Boys

Hip-hop fans now have the opportunity to listen to one of the finest vinyls of all time, with a clean and clear sound and a high-quality remastering for its 20th anniversary reissue. The album’s initial release in 1989 sold over 2 million copies. It is a less popular album by the famous American band, with songs that have artistic depth and are extremely lyrical, and it became a milestone record for the hip-hop genre.12 essential albums to have in vinyl format

Revolver by The Beatles

This album, released in 1966, was the sixth by the legendary British rock band The Beatles. Arrived at an advantageous period for the band, when they had time to create and manufacture this album, this is a vinyl that you should not miss from your collection, and with a decent pickup, you will spend lovely times in the companionship of music.

It features tracks that predicted the band’s fame and avant-garde status, incorporating elements of psychedelic rock and utilizing various effects such as looping tape, reverse guitar, and vocal doubling. It sold nearly one million copies in the United States alone until the end of the release year, with sales continuing to grow at a breakneck pace.

The Flying Club Cup in Beirut

Although it began as a solo project by Zach Condon, a Mexican-born musician, with the publication of their second album, The Flying Club Cup, the band evolved and absorbed major influences from French music.

Released in 2007, the album features songs about cities in France. With strong influences from the early twentieth century, the artist infuses the album with his own personality by utilizing a variety of traditional instruments such as trumpet, ukulele, accordion, cello, trombone, and tuba to create a unique musical universe.12 essential albums to have in vinyl format

Think Tank – Blur

The album was published in 2003 and is the seventh in the English rock band’s series. This album is heavily influenced by dance, hip-hop, jazz, and African music, which Damon Albarn mixes in a lavish and extremely enjoyable manner.

Its major themes are love and politics, with an emphasis on anti-war sentiments in response to the Afghan conflict. It is a concept album that combines simple acoustic guitar, percussion, bass, and a variety of other classical instruments with sampled rhythmic loops and strong electronic noises.

Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan

It is the artist’s eighth studio album and was released by Columbia Records in 1966. Bob Dylan’s style is well suited to being heard on vinyl, and this record, which concludes the trio of rock albums, has been hailed as one of the most emblematic of all time by reviewers. The album was declared gold in 1967 and quickly rose to the top of both the US and UK charts.

Psychic – Darkside

A collaboration between two famous artists, Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, this album serves as their debut, having been published in 2013. The first and last release, which successfully mixes Harrington’s dark and powerful sound with Jaar’s delicate and ambient style. It is an electronic, ambient, avant-garde kind of music that has earned positive reviews from both critics and the general audience.

Dire Straits – Love Is Worth More Than Gold

Although there are several LPs in nearly every vinyl enthusiast’s home, when it was published in 1982, it immediately topped the charts worldwide, reaching number one in Australia, Austria, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, and England, and number 19 in the United States.

Rumors about Fleetwood Mac

It contains considerable influences as a result of the group’s disagreements during the recording sessions, which resulted in a pop rock album with emphasized rhythms and electric keyboards.

The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1978 and has since sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

II – Led Zeppelin

It is difficult to select just one album from the legendary British band, but we will go with their second, because it was dubbed “the band’s toughest record” and was the first to have Kramer Eddie as a sound engineer. The album was published in 1969 and is widely regarded as a watershed moment in the band’s history, featuring an instantly recognizable guitar riff and significant blues influences.

It contains nine songs, six of which were written by the band and three of which were reinterpreted from known blues tunes. It is considered a commercial success, having immediately risen to the top of the charts in America, been certified gold and then platinum, and selling over 12 million copies by 1999.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

The legendary American artist’s sixth studio album, released in 1982, rapidly topped the charts in a number of nations, becoming the best-selling album of all time in less than a year.12 essential albums to have in vinyl format

Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

Jazz music is ideally suited to the vinyl record format, and this 1959 edition is a must-have. It is regarded as “the best jazz record” due to its status as a reference album featuring a sextet of significant instrumentalists who had a significant effect on music in general.

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